Sunday, April 6, 2008


I always struggle with the blogging of my adventures in Cuba.
In an effort to do something different I’m going to give you the ABCs.
The idea for this approach came from my partner. Check out Mags Kandis’ Blog. for Aduana which equals Cuban Customs.

As per any airport this is the second layer of bureaucracy you may encounter. After you spend time with an Immigration official where your picture will be taken you exit to have your carry-on Xrayed.
Next stop is the luggage carousal where depending how long you waited in que at Immigration your bags may actually be waiting for you. Should you find a chalk mark X on your bags, X-rays have detected something Aduana wants to see. Should you be X free and have nothing to declare head for the exit. for Aniplant equals Asociación Cubana para la Protección y Bienestar Animal y de Plantas.

I have been helping the animals of Havana since 2003 and have not, until this trip, met with a member of the executive of Aniplant. This trip I would meet the President. I appreciate any group that is helping the animals of Havana and Cuba.
For additional insight into Aniplant please visit Liz Orton’s Naufraga blog.

A... is for Amparo which means “Protection” in English

Profesora Amparo Lopez is the head of the Dulce Maria Loynaz group. They are a working group of the University of Havana.
I have known and worked with Amparo since 2003. She works tirelessly with the Spanky Project and the Veterinary community in developing a program in Centro Havana for the betterment of animal.

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