Saturday, December 30, 2017

Beat The Clock!!!

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We thank you for your support in 2017

With your aid we:
 sterilized 570 dog/cats
 dewormed nearly 300 horses
deparasitized hundred of pets
worked side by side with Cuba's veterinary students
worked towards a better future for Cubans and their animals

You made a difference in 2107 and can again in 2018.

Hey Canada...
Your tax credit may entitle you to receive as much as 53% of your donation back at tax time. Calculate your tax credit below!

If you’ve never claimed tax credits before, this is your last year to super-size your tax credit! You will receive a one-time, additional 25% tax credit of up to $1,000!

Our supporters in the USA can play Beat The Clock also
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¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
Happy New Year!
The Year Of The Dog
Help us kick start 2018!
Join us in helping Cubans help their animals.