Monday, February 18, 2013

Dreams Do Come True.

Hotel Plaza

During the first week of our two week program we stayed at the Hotel Plaza, a Gran Caribe property, in Havana.

It is an economical hotel, in a prime location, on the edge of Parque Central.
The roof top restaurant is where the buffet breakfast is made available.
Dairne worked on her "service" skills.
You can book a stay at the Hotel Plaza, and other properties, through the Spanky Project.
A portion of your booking goes to support our work in Cuba.

After breakfast it was off to work.
Susana, our Spanky Project Havana based coordinator, arranged transport for us.
Alberto, Susana's plumber, has a very nice set of wheels.
Each one of our visits to Cuba builds upon what has gone before.
For years, many have expressed concerns about the treatment of animals in and around resorts.
As strays increase in numbers, both dogs and cats, the resorts call "the dog catcher" to remove them.
The end is not always humane. 

Preliminary talks are now turning to action.
Humane population control programs are in the works.
We thank Cuban Hotel Group Gran Caribe for listening to our presentations.

On this morning we met with Noemi Sanchez Rodriguez-Dir. Negocios y Desarrollo, Gran Caribe.
We discussed a pilot project that has been developed in collaboration with our great friends at 
This pilot project will launch at Hotel Villa Trópico and the environs of Playa Jibacoa.
A "Carta de Intención"(an official letter of intention) is being drafted and we will have more details shortly.

APAC - Varadero have been saviours and advocates for the animals of
 Cardenas, Matanzas and Varadero.
In collaboration with APAC's; Ingrid, Hanoi, Slavik and others we know this program will be a success and a model for the rest of Cuba's resort areas.

Together, and with your help, we will create a harmonious relationship between the:
 local community, 
the environment.

Special thanks go to Emma Clifford, of Animal Balance, for her advice and support of our ongoing program development.
Emma - Noemi - Terry
Ahead of the veterinarians arrival we dropped off our supplies. 
Much to our delight, we found Dra. Rocio and Vet Tech Frank in the middle of a clinic makeover.

Rocio and Frank were placed with us by 
Carlos III's Director Miguel Angel .
Their above and beyond the call of duty effort boded well for our future collaboration.
 As final touches were put on the reception area we had a planning session with Rocio and Frank.
 Many came together to make this happen and I thank you all.
"If I wish really hard ...
... maybe a campaña at Carlos III could be a reality." 

 The dream did come true.
Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible -Che

In preparation for the arrival of our veterinarians and first day of surgery 
Dairne and Alberto delivered traps.

Tony stayed behind at the clinic doing the overnight firewatch.

Others were not so comfortable and spent the night in Parque Central.