Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sept 28 Sexta desparasitación de mascotas

If you announce it they will come.

Sexta Desparasitación Masiva de Mascotas

Escrito por Karín Morejón Nellar
Jueves, 22 de Septiembre de 2011 17:13
La sexta desparasitación masiva de mascotas en el Centro Histórico, será el próximo miércoles 28 de septiembre, a las 8:30 a.m., frente a la Clínica Veterinaria del barrio Santo Ángel, situada en Habana entre Peña Pobre y Avenida de las Misiones. Gratuitamente perros y gatos serán inyectados por vía subcutánea contra parásitos internos y garrapatas. Es preciso que los animales se presenten higienizados y, de ser necesario, con bozal. Esta acción es organizada, entre otros, por la Sociedad Patrimonio, Comunidad y Medio Ambiente, el Jardín Quinta de los Molinos de la Oficina del Historiador de La Habana y el Instituto de Medicina Veterinaria.
Google Translation...
The animal deworming is essential to achieving this healthy living and better coexistence with humans. For this reason there will be the sixth mass deworming of pets scheduled for next Wednesday September 28th, starting at half past eight in the Veterinary Clinic of Santo Ángel neighborhood. The facility is situated on Havana Street, between Peña Pobre and Mission Avenue in the historic center of the city, where the community service will be provided free of charge. This action will be possible through the efforts of a group of national and international organizations interested in improving the health of the animals infected with the capital Havana. According to the press release, dogs and cats will be dewormed against internal parasites and ticks subcutaneously. This requires that animals are presented in a sanitary condition and if necessary muzzled. It is recalled that an infested animal can not grow and thrive, and even parasites can lead to death. The animal parasites may affect the quality of life of people to be a carrier of many diseases. Hence the invites to everyone not to miss this call after the health of our pets and their owners.

This event was a celebration for the re-opening of the Veterinary Consultorio in the Havana neighbourhood of Santo Angel.

People arrived early with their pets.

And kept arriving.

Streets were blocked.

Canopies were erected

The crowd assembled.
Announcements were made.

The Vets were at the ready.

Maria Elena added decorative touches with some "globos"... did Emma Clifford.
Yami and Sandra registered the attendees.
A little "people to people" with Dr.Maas.

Dr.Gispert drew off some of the remaining product for veterinarians to take back to their neigbourhood clinics.

Thanks go to Merial Canada for the donation of Ivomec used this day.

Before this trip I was contacted by Keven from British Columbia, Canada.
Keven and family were heading to Varadero and they wanted to help Cubans help their animals by bringing some supplies.

Emma Clifford, Founder/Director of Animal Balance
fills in Keven and family on the day's activity.

The Dubinsky clan came into Havana for the day
with a delivery of supplies that would be put to use in short time.

On this day 486 were registered as treated.
But wait there's more.
We were limited by time and they did come to take Dr.B's table.

Being a dedicated professional ... he kept working.

No one went home without treatment.
These events are very touching.
You see the love Cubans have for their "mascotas".
Many came a great distance via many forms of transport.

It was a great day and we look forward to holding these events in other neighbourhoods.