Wednesday, October 12, 2016

If you have much ....

It is a tough haul for Not For Profit and Charity groups working in the animal welfare field.
One would like to say it is feast or famine as far as fund raising goes.
More often than not it is famine for many.

Back in August I took part in an emergency run for Critter Cabs.
A near drowned squirrel needed emergency treatment.
 The run was from Smith Falls to Napanee. 
A 134 km road relay. I drove the last leg of of 50km.
"Rocky" was headed to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre.
SPWC do amazing work in recovering and rehabilitating wildlife.
Be it squirrels, raccoons, skunks, birds ... you name it.

While there I had an opportunity to let them know of the Spanky Project's work in Cuba.
They offered to call if they had supplies donated to them above their own needs

A big shout out to 
I got the call.

Syringes, gauze, NG tubes dressing trays and much, much more.
All will be heading to Cuba over time.
If you are in Southern Ontario and have some space in your luggage we would love your help in getting some these supplies to Cuba.
Drop us a line if you can help.

If not please consider a donation to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre .

Thank You!

"If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart."
-Arab Proverb