Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Urgent Need!!!!

The dogs and Protectoras of Havana need your help.
If you are looking for something small and compact that will have
a big impact.

50 mL. 1% Ivomec
Injection for Cattle and Swine
Dosed at a rate of 1/10 cc per lb. this product goes a long way.
Ivomec is a brand name ivermectin product.
Other brand names include Noramectin and Bimectin.

This product can be purchase online .
TSC Stores in the USA and farmers Co-ops in Canada carry these products.
You can also check with your veterinarian for a local source.

Ivermectin products are used at free worming sessions.

This one was held at the University of Havana garage.
The workers take care of a group of dogs that have made the garage a home.

If you can help there are two convenient delivery locations in Havana.
The Spanky Project also has contacts in Trinidad and Varadero.

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