Wednesday, March 17, 2010

S.P.A. Dog Training Program

The S.P.A. facility in San Miguel de Allende conducts a wonderful training program - the brainchild of Kathi Hamblet.
-Kathi doles out the chicken bits-


During these sessions, led by Tomas, the students learn training methods.
The shelter's dogs learn proper behaviour and socialization. This helps the dogs become more adoptable.

On this day a youthful group were completing a twelve week course of dog training. Usually restricted to students between 13 and 18 years this special session was held due to the overwhelming enthusiasm on the part of those registered.

For complete details on the S.P.A. TRAINING PROGRAM
and how you can sponsor a student..

The final task each session is to walk the cages.
This is an exercise of immense value.
All staff and volunteers are trained that when approaching a kennel to ignore the dog unless they sit and remain quiet.This is to reinforce behaviour that will work in the dog's favour
when any potential new caregiver comes to visits.

Good dog !!

Community outreach ...
On Tuesdays at 5:00 pm locals gather for an open training session in Parque Juarez.
Drop by and say "hola".

This is an excellent opportunity to meet Tomas and become familiar with his training methods... ... just like Skeeter did.

We had a stray, with a bout of mange, drop by to improve his people skills.

If you would like a consult...
email Tomas