Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clinica Laika Sept 27

On this morning we held a small campaña at Clinica Laika in Habana Vieja.
For those of you that follow our blog you will know this is a home away from home for us.

As always proper attire is required.
Gladys, does it really take three guys to dress you?

Yamilis Correa from our sponsoring Cuban NGO brought her cat to the campaña.

It takes many people to make these campañas run smoothly.
Téc. Jordan Acosta Moya, from Quinta de los Molinos, always joins us and oversees the recovery room.
He also administers an antibiotic injection and tattoos the patient's ear.

Natacha Nuñes, a teacher at the Veterinary School,
attended with one of her students,Omar Peña.
Yordan shows the student his tattoo technique.

Dra. Arely Estébanez Suarez & Dr. Víctor Luís Montané work together.
Dra. Susana Landrian Iglesias

Even will all our efforts to provide a safe procedure there are sometimes complications.
Vlad is one of numerous dogs that are cared for by workers of various institutions in
Havana Vieja. In this case the Museo Orfebrería (silverware).
Dr.Belovich administered fluids, we brought from Canada, and kept watch over Vlad until his release.

On this morning...
dogs 5 neuters 4 spays
cats 2 neuters 5 spays
total 16

Once the instruments are packed away the collaboration continues.
Dr. Alexei Cabrera
Dr.Byron Maas
Dr.Michael Belovich
Dr.Fernando Gispert
get together to consult on an x-ray.

The sharing of experiences and techniques is a very important part of the
Spanky Project's mandate.

Not all of these involve veterinary care.

Alexei gives Byron an orientation and explains the technical aspects of his 1948 Whizzer.