Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Hippie Wagon

Our ride on this beautiful morning was Guillermo's VW van.
We lovingly dubbed it The Hippie Wagon.
I have plans for the future which include magnetic flower decals and incense.

Our destination was ...
Casa Comunitaria Puentes Grandes – La Ceiba
Municipio de Playa ubicada en 51 y 48
Casa Comunitaria is a large multi-function space and very much a focal point for the community.

Stitchery get togethers and yoga classes are a few of the many activities held here.

It is also a space for local artists to display their works. 

Now, free veterinary care can be added to the list.
Each arriving animal and caregiver were registered.
Awaiting the arrival of patients were ...
Veterinary Technician Krystal Wallace of Yonge Street Animal Hospital in Toronto, Canada
Dra.Evelyn Gómez Mirabales a recent graduate of a Cuban Veterinary School.
We first met Evelyn at a campaña we held last year in San Jose de las Lajas,
where the Vet School is located.
As per normal at our events, animals arrive with injuries or problems of great concern to their caregivers.
This little one had a dislocation.
We had no proper splint material.
 In true Cuban style we made do.
The injured leg was stabilized with some floral wire then covered with Vetrap and tape.

Vet Tech Jordan and Dr.Travers splint the injured leg of the puppy.

It ain't pretty ... but it did the trick.

During a break in the action we had an opportunity to explore the centre.
Nilda posed with her painted roof tiles.

Also, it was an opportunity to drink some of that great Cuban coffee.
It is very important to involve the young in the struggle to better the lives of animals.
The Spanky Project hands out pins to youngsters that come to our events.

Yordan pins a girl.

Julieta is a local Protectora that brought in a number of street dogs.

On our way out the door, Yordan treated a late arrival.
This brought our total for this event to 108 deparasitized and one leg mended.

Just around the corner from Casa Comunitaria is a wonderful community project.
One that rivals the better known Callejón de Hamel in Havana.
The entire street is decorated with wonderful imagery.

Perhaps we will see this dog at our next visit to Casa Comunitaria Puentes Grandes
 A final comment on our visit. 
I would like to acknowledge Geise Medina Valle, a member of the community, whom during the event handed me a note of appreciation and a Cuban Flag pin. 

 Lunch was had at the underrated and newly renovate Hanoi.

Do you think Dra.E is envious of Dr.B's Daiquiri?
After lunch we loaded into 
 "The Hippie Wagon"  
and headed for a meeting in San Jose de las Lajas at the Agrarian University with the Dean of the Veterinary School.
Sometimes we find ourselves waiting for our appointed meetings.
This can be a little boring ...
... so we just have to amuse ourselves.
Back to work...

... and something to work towards.