Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Campaña en Centro Habana.

Dra.Magaly is the Director of the Colon Clinic in Centro Habana.
The joint and cooperative efforts of her clinic, Grupo Dulce Maria Loynaz
and the Spanky Project allows for free sterilization clinics to be held on a near monthly basis.

Colon is one of two (soon to be three) clinics that the
Spanky Project is working with.

Cats and dogs arrive in various forms of conveyance.

An important part of the program in Cuba involves education.
While the caregivers are waiting materials are provided to expand awareness
on the topic of animal care and welfare.

A history ...

and examination ...

...take place before each procedure.
The procedure is often completed in less than 15 minutes

Once the ear is tattooed all that is left is.. op and few zzzzzzzzzzz's

Another campaña completed.

Thanks go to the whole gang for their caring and dedication.
Also thanks go to those that have sponsored a spay.