Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Before I present this "Wish List Wednesday" ...

The Spanky Project is please to announce a wonderful collaboration.
Sociedad Patrimonio Comunidad y Medio Ambiente (SPCMA), Laika Veterinary Clinic -Habana Vieja and the Spanky Project will work together to provide 100 free spay/neuters in Old Havana.

On November 28th the Spanky Project, headed by Terry Shewchuk, and three Canadian Veterinarians will arrive in Havana for a one week stay.
During this week the Canadian and Cuban veterinarians will work side by side and have practical and theoretical exchanges.

On this trip the main course will be canines and felines with a side of equine evaluation.
The trip will culminate with the spay/neuter of 25 dogs which were previously rescued from the streets of Old Havana.

The rescue of strays is an ongoing program which I will expand upon in another posting.

In addition to our delivery of the supplies for 100 sterilizations we will bring meds and instruments for use in local veterinary clinics.

In February we will again travel to Havana where that week's work will wrap up with a 50 spay / neuter day. If you are in the veterinary field we are welcoming expressions of interest for February.

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Should you care to contribute by delivering supplies to Havana I have provide the Wishlist Wednesday list below.

Surgical gloves #8
Surgical gloves #7
Surgical gloves #6

Syringes without needles 20ml
Syringes without needles 10ml
Syringes without needles 5 ml
Syringes without needles 1 ml
Needles 20 gauge
Needles 25 gauge

Scalpel blades # 22
Scalpel blades# 12

Suture Catgut Nº 2
Suture Catgut Nº 1
Suture Catgut Nº 0
Suture Catgut Nº 1-0
Suture Catgut Nº 2-0

Gauze (pads various sizes, rolls)
Medical Cottons (Eye pads, Rolls, Swabs, Balls etc)

Virkon S (Bayer)

Alcohol 90º
Alcohol 70º
Chlorhexidine–alcohol scrub

Erythromycin 100mL
Oxytetracycline 100mL
Penicillin 100mL
Gentamicin 100mL

Yatrén Caseína (100ml) BAYER
Vigantol A-D-E (100ml) BAYER
Catosal B12 (100ml) BAYER
Calfón BAYER

Mineral oil
Hairball remedy
Collars leashes

Put to good use your outdated dust collecting electronics ...
2GB or higher USB Flash Drives
Digital cameras