Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to School

It has been a long time since our last posted. 
The Spanky Project’s mass spay and neuter campañas are still on hold.

We continue to seek a way to get the entry approval process for our
 anaesthesia and medications back on track.
As we work our way through the system other segments of our efforts and collaborations are on going. These include education programs and collaborations.

Frequenters of the Spanky Project blog will know of our excellent relations with 
Quinta de los Molinos. 
A large botanical garden in the heart of Havana.
  It also houses native species of Cuban animals.
Dr.Leyssan, Quinta’s Veterinarian, has developed workshops and classes for children in the areas of animal welfare and the environment.
The Spanky Project aids this initiative by asking visitors to Havana to save a little room in their luggage for art supplies and writing materials.
Many have done so ... and some often.

It is back to school time and the sales are on. Time to load up and help support Dr.Leyssan’s worthwhile programs.

 Susana, the Spanky Project’s coordinator in Havana, is often asked to speak at these gatherings. 

She is asked to give a presentation on the Spanky Project’s history and the work being done for Cuban animals and their care givers.

I am told that the children find it inspirational that from out of the loving memory of a furry companion a program like the Spanky Project can be born.
I’m sure some of these children will go forward and find their own inspiration to bring 
light, love and joy to the world.
It doesn’t have to be about animals.
They all have it in them to make a difference.
If a dog, that passed away in 2003, can inspire the young of today then it is a wonderful world. 

Below is an except from and email Susana sent to a generous donor...
"I want to send you the attached image that shows a very happy Leyssan - the veterinarian at Quinta de los Molinos - receiving your wonderful donation of educational supplies for the programs they're doing with kids.
He was particularly delighted with the PlayFoam modeling "clay," saying this would be great for the kids from the special schools and kids with autism, among others. I think I had told you the story about how last year, they did their first "hands on animals" program with kids from the school for special education, and it was so successful that this year they've been asked to expand to other schools for children with different kinds of social, physical and learning problems. This year they have the following schools: five special education, two schools for kids with behaviour problems, one school for deaf and mute children, two schools for kids with autism, two schools for kids with mental retardation and two centres for children with Downs Syndrome. Amazing, eh? And Leyssan said the PlayFoam clay would be great for all of them, especially as it's reusable. And he's already thinking of having them incorporate materials from nature for the eyes, ears, tails, etc. - seeds, leaves, fronds, little stones, shells, etc. And he was delighted to see so many colouring and painting materials. He thanks you profoundly for your support and says that the next time you're in Cuba, you should plan in time to visit the Quinta."

If you would like to help the children set the stage for a happier tomorrow we would love to hear from you.

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