Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Cuban Veterinarians Have Their Day

Veterinary Medicine Day is a day celebrated on different dates in each country of the world, based on the most representative historical events.
Until 1853, there was no formal veterinary education in any country in the Americas. The first veterinary school in Latin America was founded in Mexico for this year (1853), the second in Guelph-Canada in 1862; and the third in Ames-Iowa in the United States of America in 1879.
On March 24, 1961, it was chosen to pay homage to the veterinarians in Cuba in remembrance of the signing of Resolution 254 of the Council of Ministers, which unified all the country's veterinary services into the Revolutionary Veterinary Services, the first state organization dedicated to the free care of breeding animals and pets.

Before this, the day of the veterinarian in Cuba was celebrated on April 10th, since 1907; due to the fact that on that date the First Free School of Veterinary Medicine was founded in Cuba, which was incorporated to the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Havana according to Decree No. 126 of January 27th, 1908.

The first attempts to include the teaching of veterinary medicine in Cuba date back to 1857, when on the recommendation of the Sociedad Económica Amigos del País, the creation of a school dedicated to the teaching of the specialty in Cuba was attempted without success, but more obstacles than contributions held back the good intentions of its promoters.

In 1937, the Veterinary School acquires the category of Faculty and months later establishes a new curriculum of four years of duration. In 1942 it opens its new building on the corner of Carlos III and Ayesterán, where it remained until 1976 when the Higher Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Havana, now the Agrarian University of Havana, was created.
According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Cuba currently has five faculties of Veterinary Medicine and 14 schools of middle-level studies, in which more than seven thousand specialists dedicated to the care and protection of animal health have graduated, as well as several research centers, among which the National Center of Agricultural Health and the Institute of Animal Science stand out for their results.

Every March 24, the workers dedicated to animal health in Cuba receive a well-deserved tribute in recognition of their work.
Since 2003 the Spanky Project has come to know many Cuban veterinarians.
We thank them all for their hard work, love and dedications.
Los acontecimientos del último año nos han recordado que todos tenemos que trabajar juntos por el bien de todos. Seguimos comprometidos con nuestros colegas y amigos en Cuba y esperamos volver tan pronto como se considere seguro para todos. 
Dr.Michael Belovich

 Events of the last year have reminded us all that we all have to work 
together for the good of all.
We remain committed to our colleagues and friends in Cuba and look forward to returning as soon as it is deemed safe for all.
Dr.Michael Belovich
Together we are stronger.
Join us in support of Cuba's Veterinarians as they tend to the countries animal population.
One Love
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