Friday, April 11, 2008 for Barbara don't call me Barb.
Apparently a barb is something on a fishing hook and this seemed to be a sticking point. I learned very early to go with the full Barbara and only after several days of Cuban cultural immersion did I attempt to use Barbarita.
I mention the above with a smile on my face. Barbara was an absolute joy to spend time with both on a professional and a social level.

Barbara is a “Veterinaria” from Montana, USA. This was the first time I had spent time in Cuba with a foreign Veterinary professional. This turned into a very busy and productive trip. I wonder if Barbara, in her planning, thought we would be as busy as we were. I didn’t.

Introductory meetings,

Veterinary clinic visits,

two spay campaigns,

visits to the homes of Protectoras.

and a ranch.

It was a real pleasure to spend two week in Cuba with a Veterinary professional.
I now count Barb ...oops... Barbarita among my friends.

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