Monday, April 20, 2009

Mexico Querétaro

Time sure does fly. I was stunned when I realized that it had been over a month between posts.
Speaking of flying...
During this hiatus I did find myself in Mexico for ten days.
During this trip stops were made in Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, Pátzcuaro and Mexico City.

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Our route from Toronto to Mexico City took us through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I have, in the past, been leery about arriving at my destination via connecting flights. We were allotted 55 minutes between our arrival in Atlanta and our onward flight to Mexico City. All went well. Hartsfield-Jackson is a well designed and efficient airport.

Arrival in Mexico City's International Airport Benito Juárez was also smooth. Terminal 2 is new and far superior to the older, drab, tired, etc. Terminal 1.
Within 20 minutes we had claimed our bags and the immigration officer was asking me if a 180 day visa was long enough.

Benito Juárez airport contains a bus terminal. We were lucky enough to have our destination town Querétaro served from the airport therefore eliminating the need to go to one of the city's other terminals.

Traveling on the Primera Plus bus line, we were at our destination town in just over 3 hours and 256 Pesos (25 Canadian).

Mexico is "tourist" friendly. At the bus terminal there is a booth that sells "taxi tickets".
The surrounding area is zoned for fare purposes. You buy your ticket, in our case centro historio, and head for the taxi stand. No haggling ... no fare disputes ... you just decide on the tip.

Our lodging in Querétaro was at Casa Santiago. Carl and Francis, a couple of ex-pat Canadians, purchased rubble and created a fabulous home for themselves along with wonderful guest accommodations.

Where are the dogs?

We're back ....
Stay tuned for some Mexican connections.