Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's better to give ...

Having been a rescue myself I know what it's like to be held in a shelter.
We count the hours, days and even months until someone -- hopefully-- comes to take us home.
With hope we wait.

What can help pass the time is a new toy.
I know!!
Especially if I can help it make lots of noise.

Recently my pack went through the closet and to our surprise (not) there was an abundance of brand new toys ...
some of which could make a joyous noise.

Knowing that my shelter friends would appreciate these, we went for a drive.
After all, how many toys does one mutt need?

Quinte Humane Society
was our destination.
Located in Belleville, Ontario, this is the shelter from where my pack adopted Spanky.

My Mom made the delivery for me.

I would have done it myself but there was an outbreak of kennel cough.
It was best I stay in the car as I have a big road trip coming up.

As the new year approaches extend a paw and aid your local furry friends.

Ms. Skeeter Mudhen

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cycle 4 Strays

A few months ago I was contacted by a gentleman named Davide Ulivieri of
Cycle 4 Strays.
Davide was interested in the work of the Spanky Project in Cuba.

Cycle 4 Strays Mission Statement:
A non competitive fund raising event, Cycle 4 Strays is dedicated to advancing the rights of homeless companion animals in developing nations.
By pedaling with no support vehicles, we wish to duplicate the hardships that strays experience on a daily basis throughout their lives, educating the public about responsible pet ownership and the need to be compassionate towards unwanted animals.
Our outreach programs refute violent methods of dog and cat population control, promoting spay and neuter instead as the only viable, long term solution to the tragedy of homeless pets.

The idea of Cycle4Strays was spawned in early 2009.
Click hear to read of the genesis.

Upon further discussion Davide asked if there would be interest in a Cycle4Strays event being held in Cuba. More on this later.

In January 2010 Davide will be cycling from Kanab,Utah to San Jose, Costa Rica in support of the McKee Project and our furry friends.
Read about 2010 ride.

I urge you to support Davide on his ride in support of our furry friends and the
McKee Foundation.

Donations are accepted at First Giving.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Campaña en Centro Habana.

Dra.Magaly is the Director of the Colon Clinic in Centro Habana.
The joint and cooperative efforts of her clinic, Grupo Dulce Maria Loynaz
and the Spanky Project allows for free sterilization clinics to be held on a near monthly basis.

Colon is one of two (soon to be three) clinics that the
Spanky Project is working with.

Cats and dogs arrive in various forms of conveyance.

An important part of the program in Cuba involves education.
While the caregivers are waiting materials are provided to expand awareness
on the topic of animal care and welfare.

A history ...

and examination ...

...take place before each procedure.
The procedure is often completed in less than 15 minutes

Once the ear is tattooed all that is left is..

...post op and few zzzzzzzzzzz's

Another campaña completed.

Thanks go to the whole gang for their caring and dedication.
Also thanks go to those that have sponsored a spay.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yo Quiero No Mas!

Today is a sad day in dogdom.
The most famous Taco Bell spokesdog has died at the age of fifteen.
Gidget, helped make famous the slogans ...
"Yo quiero Taco Bell"
"Drop the chalupa"

In her hay day she traveled in limos and flew on corporate jets.
She even had the occasion to opened the New York Stock Exchange.
It has been reported that some Hipanic watchdogs protested that the commercial promoted stereotype and demanded they be removed from air.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have delivered needed supplies to Cuba.

Although I haul big bags of supplies every trip...
every delivery is important no matter how small.

Flying with Cubana, one can check two bags of 23kg each.
With a 46 kg limit...

...you can even carry a gallon of medicated shampoo.

Please give some consideration to setting aside a small portion of you weight allowance to aid the Cubans that are supporting animal welfare.
Dogs, cats, horse....
Havana, Trinidad, Camagüey and Varadero...
I can provide you with convenient drop off locations.

Wish Lists


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Delivering The Goods

It was a good day today.
With the assistance of my friend Justo it was off to Vedado with the latest donations.
Waiting for us at Amparo’s were members of Dulce Maria Loynaz.

All arriving supplies are listed and checked by a veterinarian...

Before we go to the clinic a list is prepared which will be signed by the clinic director.
 A detailed paper trail is mandatory for all donations

On this trip I brought anesthetic enough for around 100 spay/neuters depending on size. This anesthetic was purchased with donations received at the Spanky Project blog.

This morning we will deliver anesthetic for a campaña to be held in Centro Habana.

Dra.Magaly (LEFT) is the director of the Colon Clinic in Centro Habana.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


After a few nights in Queretaro, and a side trip to San Miguel de Allende, we were off to Patzcuaro.
Thanks to some great research by Mags we stayed in a wonderful Casa.
I highly recommend Casa Encantada. Not only are the accommodations, food and staff great but the operators Cynthia and Victoria give back to the community. One of their projects involves support for a free sterilization clinic for animals.

Through their own efforts and support from AIPA in Monterry Mexico and Summerlee Foundation free sterilizations are available to the locals for their animals.
Upon my return to Canada I followed up with Cynthia and Victoria. I hope to be able to assist those helping the “ animalitos” in Patzcuaro.
If you find yourself visiting Patzcuaro drop off a donation at Casa Encantada.
Leave a little kindness behind before you leave.
Stay Tuned for Cuba postings.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Where are all the dogs?
The first sign of dogs in the street happened to be sculptural in nature.
Plaza de Armas has a wonderful fountain that incorporates four canines.

I was surprised at the derth of streets dogs in Mexico's cities.
I put this down to one of two things..
successful sterilization programs
a very efficient dog catcher.
I lean towards the latter.

Here are some groups helping the animals of Mexico.
If you will be visiting any of these areas, drop them a line and ask how you can help.

AFAD Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido A.C

RAP Founder is Dhorea Ryon formerly of Coquitlam, BC Canada

A.I.P.A. in Pátzcuaro

Baja California Sur
Baja Dogs La Paz

Rebeca Payne
TEL (755)554 3330


Next stop Pátzcuaro

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ms. "Skeeter" Mudhen.

My little girl is growing up.
Six years old today.
Heartworm negative for two years.
Still a "terrier-ist"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mexico Querétaro

Time sure does fly. I was stunned when I realized that it had been over a month between posts.
Speaking of flying...
During this hiatus I did find myself in Mexico for ten days.
During this trip stops were made in Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, Pátzcuaro and Mexico City.

View Mexico April '09 in a larger map

Our route from Toronto to Mexico City took us through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. I have, in the past, been leery about arriving at my destination via connecting flights. We were allotted 55 minutes between our arrival in Atlanta and our onward flight to Mexico City. All went well. Hartsfield-Jackson is a well designed and efficient airport.

Arrival in Mexico City's International Airport Benito Juárez was also smooth. Terminal 2 is new and far superior to the older, drab, tired, etc. Terminal 1.
Within 20 minutes we had claimed our bags and the immigration officer was asking me if a 180 day visa was long enough.

Benito Juárez airport contains a bus terminal. We were lucky enough to have our destination town Querétaro served from the airport therefore eliminating the need to go to one of the city's other terminals.

Traveling on the Primera Plus bus line, we were at our destination town in just over 3 hours and 256 Pesos (25 Canadian).

Mexico is "tourist" friendly. At the bus terminal there is a booth that sells "taxi tickets".
The surrounding area is zoned for fare purposes. You buy your ticket, in our case centro historio, and head for the taxi stand. No haggling ... no fare disputes ... you just decide on the tip.

Our lodging in Querétaro was at Casa Santiago. Carl and Francis, a couple of ex-pat Canadians, purchased rubble and created a fabulous home for themselves along with wonderful guest accommodations.

Where are the dogs?

We're back ....
Stay tuned for some Mexican connections.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Urgent Need!!!!

The dogs and Protectoras of Havana need your help.
If you are looking for something small and compact that will have
a big impact.

50 mL. 1% Ivomec
Injection for Cattle and Swine
Dosed at a rate of 1/10 cc per lb. this product goes a long way.
Ivomec is a brand name ivermectin product.
Other brand names include Noramectin and Bimectin.

This product can be purchase online .
TSC Stores in the USA and farmers Co-ops in Canada carry these products.
You can also check with your veterinarian for a local source.

Ivermectin products are used at free worming sessions.

This one was held at the University of Havana garage.
The workers take care of a group of dogs that have made the garage a home.

If you can help there are two convenient delivery locations in Havana.
The Spanky Project also has contacts in Trinidad and Varadero.

Email me!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What do 6000 spay / neuters look like?
December 2003
Luana, Malu,Sissi,Dinca,Sussy,Katy,Lassy,Max,Canela,Betty,Niña,Gaviota,
Hade,Sissi,Leona, Niña,Sissi, Luna,Flaqui,Sussy,Negrita, Lia,Niña, Canela,Mini,Malu,Duquesa,Astric,Romina, Negrita, Currucha, Negra,Muñeca,Mini1,Mini2,Latia,Minita,Pinta,Jivara,
Canela,Mochi,Niña,Niña, Apingora, Chiripa,
Niña, Duquesa, Burbujita, Preciosa,Yassi,Sexy,Niña,Princesa,Lily,Luna, China,
Mocha, Chaquira, Roky,Negrita, Negra,Blanquita, Blanco, Sussy,Donatela,
Castigate,Princesa,Bijirita, Chiqui, Niña,Lala,Sofy,Catrina,Chiqui,
Musu, Niña,Misa,Niña,Palomo,Niño, Machito, Gaviota,Niña, Mariguana,Vengador,Princesa,Florencia, Linda,Bandy,
Canela, Niña, Lola,Dicsi,Mini, Bamba,Negrita,Medea,
Pintica, Estrellita, Chiquitina,
Linda, Buji,Tina,Panchita,Hade,Canela,Mirringuita, Chary, Rosita,Lissi,Elena, MonaFini,Manchi, Musa,Manolito,Linda, Dinky,Max,Negrita, Lala, Chivy, Cleo,Michita,Kiara,Gina,Laissy,Luna, Musiña, Miky, Almedio, Negrita, Negra,Negrita,Negrita,Negrita,Prince, Princesa, Sindy,Fefy,Yorky,
Lenta, Malu, Guarina, Machi, Fanny,Nala,Laika,Linda, Tuqui,
Yuvi,Yeira, Carina,Lassy,Tita, Sopita, Negrita,
Niña,Niña,Yaika,Duquesa,Musa,Misu, Cuca,Fiona,Nemesia, Blanca,Rosa, Barsina, Misu,Felipe,Motica, Yasmin,Cleo,Brujita,Cosita,Chachi, Maricusa,Pelusa,Linda,
Yaria, Linda,Wendy,Lassy, Negrita, Negrita, Friqui, Chiquiña,Mocha, Suny, Boca,Bichi,Pepita,Sacha, Lucy,Chiquitica, Niña,Mini,Gretel,Misi,Kira,
Laura, Lati,Betty,Yeti,Deisy, Barsy,Rubia, Barsina,Rayita, Niña,
Shakira, Negrito,Micho,Picaso,Mariposita,Lucerito,Cielito,
Estrella, Mirringuita,Cosi ,Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Feucha,
Ricondo, Cesar,Augusto,Niño,Bonito,MusaI, MusaII,
MusaIII,Mirringuita, Lucero,Grisel,Kiara
Milagro,Lisi,Tito, Cintia,Maya,Sabina,Niña,Nani,
Negra,Negrita,Mariposa,Mimosa,Misuca, Enclenque,Benita, Tigresita,Pantera,Isabelita,Mariposit,Jimena,Luci,Shakira, Misitin, Misouri,Tigre,Boro,Mariposa,Orus,Luci,Muchi,Macha,Minina, Miqu,Tita, Beliña,Cuki,Lili,Negrita,Motica,Ali,Hanny,Suri, Blanca,Lequima, Misa,
Lili, Mariposita,Chula,Linda,Sissy,Pelusa,Cariñosa, Lupi,Alzu, Pipa,Lea,Fifita,Yoyi,Niña,Mariposa,
... and 5650 more

December 2008

In a period of five years more than 6000 spay / neuters have been provided free to the people of Havana. Those pictured in the above photographs are pioneers in Cuban animal welfare.
I am honoured to be a part of this group.

It takes many people to accomplish such a feat...
protectoras, vets, vet techs, caring people.

At the gathering in December 2008 Dr.Joe took the time to individually acknowledge the contribution of all those present.
Please note that Silvia (2nd from the left in the 2003 photo), a founding member of this group, is no longer in Cuba. At the celebration she was with us in spirit and represented by the happy dog.
Here's to 6000 more.
.... and to all those that have supported these campaigns.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ground-Dog Day

Ya ... aha... I see it?

So what does it mean?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's A New Day

"Let us seek together a better world in our time"-Barack Obama
We are the ones.

Si Se Puede!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

Julio and his wife Rosa operate Casa Colonial Munoz.
In addition to being a great host, Julio is a champion for the animals of Trinidad. He has been a great help to the Spanky Project and has created the Diana Project to better the lives of the local horses.

Below is the list from Julio. I have added links to where some of these items can be found.

About items I need for the project:
-wormers, hoof nails, hoof cleaners and hoof knives are always welcome.

- strong adhesive tape. Those used in American movies for tying up the hostage [read as Duct Tape]. According with the books you brought me are very good for hold the broken leg and cover the hooves for some diseases.

-I am learning shoeing so a tool kit will be great.*

-I am learning Monty Roberts method, I would like to have 2 long reins (equals) and a Dually halter (medium size)

- Cream for keep healthy the hooves.

*A number of the "tool kit"items can be found with a Google search for Farrier Supplies and Horseshoeing Tools.
Hoof Nippers, 15"
Saddle Horse Clinchers
Shoe Pullers
Driving Hammer, 14 oz.
Clinch Cutter
Rounding Hammer, 24 oz.
Rounding Hammer, 36 oz.
"The Knife" Hoof Knife
Rasps, 2 each
Fire Tongs
The Calvary Manual
Wire Brush
Farrier Apron
Shoeing Box - Aluminum or wooden of your choice
Rasp Handles, 2 each

Feel free to contact Julio directly-
Julio Muñoz
Address: Jose Marti ( Jesus Maria ) # 401
Between: Fidel Claro ( Angarilla ) and Santiago Escobar ( Olvido )
Trinidad. S.Spiritus. Cuba
53 41 993673 ( International)
0 41 993673 (From Havana)
01 41 993673 (From other provinces)
993673 (Local)
Email: trinidadjulio@yahoo.com

Thank You