Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cuban Vets Rock

Located on the edge of the Plaza de Revolucion,
in the Teatro Nacional complex,
Café Cantante.

On this Sunday, as on nearly every Sunday at 6:00pm,
it is time for some serious rockin' nostalgia.
Los Kents
A band formed in the 70's when rock was forbidden to be played on Cuban radio.
These guys certainly have amassed a following over the years.
They are a very entertaining classic rock cover band.
Admission for non Cubans is 5CUC and a beer is only 1 CUC.

On drums is Veterinarian Dr. Sergio Chan.
Chan's day job is as the Bayer representative in Cuba.
Bayer and Chan have been very supportive of the Spanky Project's
work in Cuba.
If I am in Havana on a Sunday ... I am at Café Cantante.
After checking out Los Kents we were off to check out another of our veterinary friends.
Next stop ...
Escaleras al Cielo

This venue is up several flights of stairs and certainly earns it's name.
The english translation is "Stairway to Heaven".

With it's glow in the dark menu offering many tasty treats it may be difficult to opt for just one.

Behold the classic Mojito and the novelty Green Dragon.

What drew us here was an invitation by
Dr. Angel Mario Rodriguez
to see his band AM
After settling in and enjoying some good music it became obvious we had been spotted.
Angel Mario took to his microphone and spoke of the Canadian Veterinarians that were in the house.

After some very kind words, vocalist Alejandro Monett
then took over and dedicated a tune to us.

I bin lookin' for someone
Between the fire and the flame
We're all lookin' for somethin'
To ease the pain
Now who can you turn to
When it's all black and white
And the winners are losers
You see it every night

I need somebody
Somebody like you
Everybody needs somebody

I need somebody
Hey what about you
Everybody needs somebody
When you're out on the front line
And you're watchin' them fall
It doesn't take long to realize
It ain't worth fightin' for

I thought I saw the Madonna
When you walked in the room
Well your eyes were like diamonds
And they cut right
through - oh they cut
right through

I need somebody
Somebody like you
Everybody needs somebody
I need somebody
Hey what about you
We all need somebody

Another night another lesson learned
It's the distance keeps us sane
But when the silence leads to sorrow
We do it all again - all again

Dr.B was dancing up a storm this night.
I'm looking forward to my next Sunday night in Havana!