Thursday, November 29, 2012

Save a Mexican Mutt - SAMM

Hola Mexico Lovers

Over the next few months I am going to explore how Mexicans are helping their animals.
Less than a week after my return from October's TNR in Havana, I was on the road to Mexico.
Yes, on the road ... all 4,000 km.

I will begin the Cuba campaña report in the next posting.

During my stay here, in San Miguel de Allende, I hope to work with local animal welfare groups.

Thanks to serendipity I was introduced to Nancy Sylvor.
Nancy, a long time resident of San Miguel, knows all the "players" in this town's animal welfare circles.

Through Nancy I was introduced to Kelley Karger, founder of

Since 2003, SAMM has been rescuing Mexican dogs from unknown fates and sending them north to adoptive home in the USA and Canada
On July 27, 2011, SAMM held it's first spay/neuter clinic in Colonia San Luis Rey. Twenty animals were sterilized.  As they state on their website, "Now, we are getting to the root of the problem."

After speaking with Kelly on the telephone, I was invited to join in on one of their sterilization "Blitzes".
SAMM is focusing on the need to spay/neuter in communities surrounding San Miguel de Allende.

In the morning I hit the streets in the to meet Kelly for the drive to Cieneguita.
 Our rendezvous point was a dusty tract of land in front of the train station.

From there I followed her on a series of dusty roads-- we could have four wheeled through a creek as a short cut-- for the 19km drive to our destination.
 Our host, Holly, greeted us and we began setting up.
 What a wonderful location.

Sandra's registration area was open air.

 Prep, surgery and recovery were set up in the ranch's newly built tack room.

 Patient #1 got a combing.
 Dr. Octavio Capitan looked on as Paloma, his tech, preped patient #1
 A great group of volunteers tended to the patients in recovery.
 The dueños (owners) often took over as the patients were waking up.
 SAMM places a great emphasis on education.
 Signage and handouts were all around
 "No one should have to live on rooftop.
Let him come into your home and make him part of your family"

 At this event a horse trailer was turned into a "classroom".
Vicky went over the basics of responsible pet care.
 It was a great day. A combination of 35 dogs and cats were sterilized.

I'm looking forward to the January Blitz.

 Holly treated some of the ranch dogs to leftover chicken from lunch.

SAMM will be taking a break for December and half of January.
This is to give volunteers a rest and to spend time with their families. 
Many of which live north of the border.
It is also an opportunity to replenish the financial coffers.

Matching funds donation.
Between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2012 SAMM (Save A Mexican Mutt) has a generous donor who will match all donations dollar-for-dollar up to $5000 USD.

Donations can be made with a credit or debit card through the SAMM website at or checks made payable to Save A Mexican Mutt can be dropped off at Solutions, Recreo #11, Box 334.

SAMM is a U.S. 501.c.3 non-profit organization and donations are deductible on U.S. tax returns.