Sunday, October 22, 2017

Calm After The Storm

The original plan was to arrive in Havana September 27 for our sterilization Campaña scheduled for October 2 -5.
With hurricane Irma hitting areas of Cuba hard it was decided to head down a week early.
We put out a call for support and you came through.
Pain control, antibiotic, anti-parasitics were the core of the supplies.
Also syringes, needles and shampoos.

Loaded with hurricane relief supplies purchased with a flash fundraiser we flew in a week early.
Upon arrival one of our bags was marked for secondary inspection.
All bags entering Cuba are scanned before reaching the baggage carousel.
"MX" alerts the inspector to look for medicines.
If you have an "AX" on your tag they are looking for food.
We were secure in the fact we would enter without issue.
None of our supplies were restricted or prohibited.
Also, the weight of our medications was under the 7kg limit for duty free entry.
Spanky Project is well known at Jose Marti Airport both with Customs and the Veterinarians so that made for a smooth exit.
Havana was eerily calm.
Yes it was low season but obviously many had canceled their visits.
 The Malecon, seaside drive, was closed.
 Dr. Zeynep Guleryuzlu dare not cross the line 
for fear of being whistled off by the military on guard.
 Irma's storm surge flooded blocks into the Vedado district and affected other areas.
 Vegetation in the Prado area was killed off.
Havana weathered the storm better than other areas of Cuba.
Our Havana team reported that our furry friends had fared well.
Sad to say the human side had their loses.
The third story of a already deteriorated building collapsed onto a bus killing three.

As the week progressed Havana regained it's vigor ..

 ... and life returned to normal.
Normal for us in Havana includes ...
... meetings.

The Sociedad Patrimonio, Comunidad y Medio Ambiente (SPCMA) is an NGO operating under the Oficina del Historiador.
They are the collaborating Cuban structure coordinating our activities.
Visas, import permits, permissions and activity locations are just a few administrative activities they manage.
A huge thank you to Martha Oneida Pérez Cortés - SPCMA President
Dr.Zeynep - Turkish veterinarian Team Spanky
 Martha - President SPCMA
Terry Shewchuk -Founding Director Spanky Project
Audrey Mabie - President Spanky Project USA

Going forward we are working on a program called the 
"Urban Animal Management Plan".
It's a pilot project being developed in Habana Vieja.
Also we are developing the 
Cuban Disaster -Veterinary Relief, Recovery and Support Program.
The future is bright for Cubans helping their animals.
We need your to help secure the future.

For Canadians a tax receipt will be issued for online donations at
and for cheques mailed to...
Spanky Project
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We ask that donations from around the globe use the above information.
EXCEPT for those in the USA. 
A tax receipt will be issued for online donations to
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