Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's a Record

Early morning, February 12th, they began to assemble in Habana Viaja.
photos by S.Hurlich
We began at 8:00 am. The cats and "their" people were first. They waited near the door for instructions. Another Esterilización Masiva Gratuita was underway in Habana Vieja.
Gladys, the Spanky Project's representative in Cuba, kept everyone well informed. Little did we all know - this was going to become record breaking day.
Later the dogs and their people arrived. Once in the reception area, patient and caregiver information was recorded.
The patients were weighed and given a sedative.
Once again, an excellent team of Cuban veterinary personnel had assembled.
They donate their time to these campañas that provide free spay/neuters. The recovery area filled up quite quickly.
It was good to have some extra help. Christina, from Florida based Peluma, dropped by to lend a hand.
Education is an important component of these very successful campañas. As caregivers prepared to pick-up their dogs and cats they had an opportunity to take away literature on a variety of pet care topics.
Special thanks go to Sergio Chan (left) and Bayer Animal Health for their ongoing support, and Ulice Acosta (right) of the Society for Heritage, Community and the Environment (SPCMA) SPCMA, our Cuban sponsor. More thanks go to ... Jessica (left) for escaping a Montreal winter to help out in Havana. and to ... Pauline and Gilbert (man in red) of Redtail Vineyard for helping haul supplies for the Spanky Project's work in Havana.
We were done by 2:00 pm. My thanks go to you all.
27 Cat 56 Dogs A record breaking day!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

VetTrek - Day 6

Saturday December 5, 2010

Located on the edge of Habana Vieja, in the Tallapiedra district, is the
Cochera Equina (Equine Garage).

The horses and coachmen of Habana Vieja begin their days here...
receiving assignments and purchasing feed .

This is an area that tourists seldom see.

This was the final "working" day of our visit.
Dr.Travers put into practice theoretical presentations given a few days earlier at the
first Cuba Canada Veterinarian's Day.
Lameness tests, hoof tests, wormings and more.

Photo:Susan Hurlich
And boy was there more.
Dr. Carlos Yrurzun proves he knows his horses ...nose to tail.
Dr.Travers with members of the Agrarian University Faculty.

Ezequiel Palacios Coto the cochero of carriage 52 was very appreciative of our visit.
He invited us to join him and his horse for a complementary tour of Habana Vieja.

But first a visit with John Lennon
and a check up for Susana's cats.

The check ups included physicals, vaccinations, nail trimming, ear cleaning and the application of an anti-parasitic.
Susana and Gladys are both great cat lovers.
I have to be sure their kitties are healthy before I can ask them to help others.

We arrived at the Capitolio at the appointed time for our tour.
Again with Ivomec at the ready we manage to fill an some idle moments deworming coach horses.

Should you find yourself in front of the Capitolio thinking of taking a coach tour
look for Ezequiel and CP52.
He cares for and loves his horses. They are in very good condition.
Say Hola from Terry and the Spanky Project.

I am please to confirm there will be a second annual
Cuba Canada Veterinary Day.
The Consejo Cientifico Veternary de Cuba has set the date for
December 1, 2011.
This will be the highlight of a week full of collaborations.

Email me
Click on the envelope to send a message - you would be interested in participating..

VetTrek - Day 5

Friday December 4, 2010

Esterilización Masiva Gratuita
in La Habana Vieja

They came early.
Some walked. Others came via Bici Taxi.
All were registered, weighed ...
... and prepped.
Clinic Laika is not large.

But the space was maximized.
Five doctors could be working at one time.
As was her custom on this trip, Dr.Travers picked her table and got down to work.

Havana Television was on site documenting the day.
The final surgery of the day was performed by Dr.Belovich.
Note he is doing a "Flank Spay"
under the direction of a top Cuban surgeon.

Despite the seriousness of the work, these campaigns are a fun event
for those donating their time.
Dr.Alexi y Dr.Linda catch up since their last meeting.
Thanks go to Sergio Chan, the Bayer rep in Cuba.
Sergio delivered donated supplies from Bayer and ..
some of the best burgers I have ever had in Cuba

14 Dog 4 Cats
Yes, it was a modest morning number wise.
This day will lead to ever increasing numbers.

A sizable contribution to our donated supplies came from
Codman, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

Photo:Michael Belovich
It was good to see patients had a ride home.

We, on the other hand, "hoofed" it.

After a short break at our hotel we were off to explore Old Havana.
Meet Niña or Canela ...
... depending on who or where you are.
She is a street dog that gets love and care from some of the locals in Habana Vieja. We had seen Canela earlier in the trip. She was cruising Plaza Vieja and her deformed leg caught our eye from across the square.
The gentleman seated in the photo told us someone had apparently kicked her a couple of years ago and broke her leg.

Our trio of Vets gave her a close look and she is no worse for wear.
She keeps the paw off the ground when walking on her three good legs.
So there is no abrasive damage.
The consensus was removal would likely allow her to get around better.
It would be great to find her a home.

Canela and her "posse" were parked across from our detination ...
Taller de Serigrafía René Portocarrero
Here I met Cuban artist Yainiel Martinez.
Located at Calle Cuba #513 it is a screen print work shop where young Cuban artists can produce their works.

Prints are priced from 30CUC.
I did come home with a series of three.