Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cycle4Strays - Mexico

Here he goes again !!!

Davide departed the Best Friends sanctuary on January 26.
His journey will take him from Kanab, Utah (departure video) to Costa Rica where he will be greeted by the McKee Project.

The stars truly aligned for this meet. With Davide cycling through Mexico and us being in Patzcuaro for the month of February - Morelia was only 57km (35miles).
This was the first time Davide and I have met.
We have been in email contact regarding a cooperative effort - putting a Cycle4Stray Ride together in Cuba.

This initial meeting was great.
The dogs of the world have a true advocate in Davide and his work.
Mexican animal welfare groups will benefit with increased publicity as a result of this ride.
The fact that Aliac (Archivio Latinoamericano de Identificacion Animal) requested he remain in Guadalajara for several days is a testament to the interest this ride is garnering.

After conspiring on some canine adventures and enjoying espressos and tea we hit the streets.
We took Davide to visit a mobile/stationary spay neuter clinic located in Plaza del Carmen near the Museo de la Mascara.

Our timing was poor as it had closed for the day.
I look forward to providing more info on this outreach program.

Davide hit the road this morning for Mexico City.
Looks like there will be quite a reception upon arrival.

Follow the ride on..
Buen Viaje Davide.

This program is Skeeter approved!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spa -San Miguel


The Sociedad Protectora de Animales (SPA) is the only animal shelter in San Miguel de Allende. It houses up to one hundred animals and is staffed 24/7. The shelter is self funded and relies on donations and income from the low cost veterinary clinic within.
During my first week in San Miguel I had a serendipitous event.
Kathi, a volunteer at SPA was my neighbour. At the time Kathi was fostering a puppy named Mercedez (Miche). Part of the fostering program requires the pet to be brought to SPA for vaccinations and regular check ups. Miche was due for some shots so we went to SPA and I was given a tour.

We left Miche in the capable hands of Dr.Vanessa and began our tour.

The first stop on the tour was a lesson for me.
Workers and volunteers are trained that when they approach a cage they are to ignore the dogs until they sit and remain quiet.
This "good" behaviour is reinforced with a treat reward.
This training is done so that when a prospective adopter approaches a cage the dogs are not all barking and jumping.
No doubt you have been a witness to "crazy" dogs in shelters.

SPA has the capacity for about 100 animals.
Above you will see some of the older kennels.
These are at a low end of the property which poses a problem during heavy rains.
New kennels, as in the photo of Kathi with the two dogs, will soon be the facility standard.

This is a no kill facility. No animal in SPA's care will be killed for lack of a speedy adoption.
This policy has saved the life of Silky. She has been at the facility for over four years.
No one can quite figure out why she has not been adopted.
It sure would be great if some of you in San Miguel could consider Silky as a new companion.

One of the great stress relievers for the "inmates" is the new dog park that has been opened as part of the facility.

Improvements at SPA are ongoing.
Every animal gets the greatest of care.
Every animals is spayed/neutered before adoption.
Help contribute to the betterment of San Miguel's furry denizens.

¡Help Me!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Upon our arrival in San Miguel de Allende we discovered a few events that were of much interest.
On January 17th, St.Anthony the Abbot Day, the blessing of the animals was held.

This event took place at a few locations around town. We attended the fourth annual “Blessing of the Poodles” held in front of the Oratorio de San Felipe Nari.

Locals and “Gringos” waited patiently for the event to begin.

Despite the event being called “Blessing of the Poodles” critters of all sort were brought forward.

Some of which were less than impressed with the goings on. Check out this little feline.

The Padre and his crew waited until all that wanted to be part of this blessed event came forward before calling it a day.

This day also allowed us to make some new friend.

Big or small ...

... share some love.