Monday, September 8, 2008

Trinidad and Ike

Preparing for Ike
Luna and the Lada
safe and dry.

At the time of this post the eye of Ike is locate very close to the town of Trinidad on the southern coast of Cuba.

This is a good opportunity to recap some of the work being done in Trinidad.
Click here for a trip report from 2007.

Julio's "Diana Project is progressing with the assistance of donated supplies from visitors to Trinidad.

If you are traveling to Trinidad, consider delivering some horse wormer or other supplies to Julio.

Wormer is easily found on the Internet

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricanes Are In Season

Ike is on his way .... arriving tonight.

I have received word from Havana that they are preparing for a big blow. Already electical interruptions are being experienced and it’s raining pretty good.
 Some Casa Particulare operators are directing their guests to book into hotel. Evacuations, no doubt, have begun in areas.

Last week,Gustav did some serious damage to La Isla de Juventud (Isle of Youth) in western Cuba.
 Ike could bring tremendous damage as it looks like it may run right up the spine of Cuba.

As for me ... the date is set and the flight is booked.
I depart Sept 25th for a week in Havana.
In these days of airline cutbacks due to the price of fuel, Cubana Airline still has a generous baggage allowance.
I will be allowed two checked bags at 23 kg each and a carry on of 5 kg for a total of 51 kg. 
For those that are metrically challenged that’s 112.2 pounds.

If you are planning a trip to Cuba don’t forget the furry ones as well as the people.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let's Watch This One.

I have requested a list of needs as a result of hurricane Gustav smashing western Cuba last week.

Here is a look at the next dangerous weather system, Hurricane Ike.
Ike looks very dangerous at this point.
I plan on being in Havana September 24th and will be deliver supplies as required.