Monday, March 11, 2019

Three.. for free!

We went over the top with our Havana 500 Campaña
In addition to the 628 spays and neuters we performed
we did a number of special, unplanned surgeries.
Dr.Yoesnay (Yoel) Saiz did many of the outside consultations.

 When we arrived at 8am on Monday, Ana’s “parents” 
were waiting for us, desperate for help. 
Shortly after Ana was born, her mother bit her eye out.
  In addition, she was born with a congenital hole in her throat making eating and drinking a challenge with much of her food and water exiting through her nose. 
Ana had a rough first five months of life.

    It's no surprise that she had little interest in food and was underweight. 
Danna, Viviana and Adrián were at a loss because 
they were not able to to get her the help she needed.

The eye was not going to be a problem. 
The hole in her throat was going to be more of a challenge. We spent a good part of the morning determining if we had the correct instruments and suture to do it, with vets from Canada, Mexico and USA consulting. 
Ultimately, we decided we had to try and asked them to bring Ana back on Wednesday.
 Once again, she was waiting for us before the clinic opened and we were successful in both surgeries.
We had an ophthalmology specialist, Dr. Joe Wolfer, who could clear out the infection, remove any dead tissue and suture the eye closed. 
Dr. Alexandria Murphy (USA) assists Dr.Joe Wolfer (Canada) on the "Orbital Exploration"
As with the many other special cases we see during our campañas 
this became a teaching case.
After the eye surgery the procedure on the throat began.
Dr.Michael Belovich (Canada) repaired the throat with Dra.Leslie Santiago Sánchez (Mexico) assisting.

Repair in progress
... and  while she was under anesthesia, we spayed her.
Three surgeries back to back to back.
 Danna, Viviana and Adrian waited into the night for her to undergo the surgeries and recovery. 
They brought her back for a follow up on Friday and reported that, for the first time in her life, she was able to drink and eat properly. 
She was quite the celebrity that day!
Dra. Anu Nolasco (Mexico) gives Ana a snuggle.
She’s a happy, beautiful little gal who now has a chance at a long, healthy life.
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The following post from Facebook was written by Danna,
"mom" to little Ana, the day after her surgery.
This is why we do what we do and what keeps us going day in and day out.

February 28 at 8:16am
Today is a special day. Ana my 5 month old dog recovers formidably from 3 surgeries. She was born with a cleft palate, in 5 months we had never seen her eat and drink without being startled by the possibility of drowning. That's history today, thanks to Spanky Project. Only one word summarizes what they do for us and our pets, it is LOVE. Those of us who have been there see their dealings with the animals and their excessive dedication because no one rests. I have no way of expressing my gratitude, there are no words to express the pleasure of seeing Ana eat and drink well. Thanks to all the veterinarians, both foreigners and Cubans, to all the staff that works with them and fundamentally to Audrey and Terry for making this possible. Spanky Project has a formidable work team.

In the following days Adrian brought in dogs he cares for at his work place to be sterilized.
By North American standards Ana received over $3500 worth of medical treatment.
All provided free thanks to our volunteers and your donations.
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