Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pinar del Rio Sept 29

On this day we headed 170km west of Havana
to the town of Pinar de Rio.
Along the way was a rest stop with the
usual suspects hanging about.

The Pinar del Rio chapter of the
Consejo Cientifico Veterinario de Cuba
was well prepared ahead of our arrival.

Once we set up our supplies ...

...we gathered together.

The Spanky Project does not just show up in Cuba to sterilize cats and dogs.

We actually spend time working with our Cuban counterparts sharing,
knowledge, experience and techniques.

After preparing our anaesthesia and pain management protocols... was time to get down to work.

Caregivers look on as a huge dose of TLC is administered.

If you remember the post previous to this you will recognize the hot water bottle.
It was part of a generous delivery by the Dubinsky family.
The loss of body while under anaesthesia is not uncommon.
The water bottle helps with warming.

Dr.Maas added a little extra heat and some lovin'.

In the future, if funding permits, we look forward to increased collaboration with the veterinary community in Pinar del Rio.