Sunday, October 26, 2014

Have Visa Will Travel.

This was to be a short trip. 
The goal was to attend meetings in an attempt to get our full programs back on track.
Spay and neuters have been on hold as a result of our medicines and anaesthetics not be given permission for entry.

Firstly, my thanks to Pauline and Gilbert of Redtail Vineyard.

They happily took care of Skeeter during my absence.
For a number of years they were neighbours here in Prince Edward County

After dropping Skeeter off it was a 200km drive to Toronto and my flight.
As a result of bureaucratic difficulties it has been fourteen months 
since I last touched down in Cuba
It felt so good to be over La Isla.
Arrival in Varadero was uneventful.
Without the usual 23 kilo bags of supplies Customs paid no notice.

Once in Havana I checked into the modest Hotel Caribbean.
At the front desk I was warmly greeted then .....
"Señor we have a problem."
"The elevator she is no working."
"Here I show you the rooms available."
There were rooms on the second, third, fourth and fifth floors.
I asked ...
"What room would you take"
She looked and shrugged and said 

That's my room. 
Blue building top right window.
Yes, modest but all I needed was a bed and a shower. 
The bonus was hot water in the shower.
The view from my room was lovely....
 ... and this is a prime location.
Paseo del Prado is my favourite street in the whole world.
After dropping my bag it was up the Prado to Pasteleria Francesca for a late snack.
In the morning the meetings begin.
I will be posting shortly about this trip and what the future holds for the Spanky Project

Two thumbs up.
Dr.Hester Massop has accepted our offer to join the Spanky Project team.

Hester spent the month of September in Cuba.
It did not take very long to realize she and the Spanky Project were a perfect fit.
She will head up our increased support for Cuban equines.
Keep and eye out here for Hester's recounting of her month helping Cubans help their horses.