Friday, October 26, 2018

Trinidad Here We Come

On May 14, of this year, the Spanky Project was contacted by an individual
 who had been in Trinidad, Cuba.
They had rescued a dog from the street and
he was in the care of a veterinarian awaiting rehoming to Europe.
While awaiting a return to pick up the dog a fund raising effort was launched 
in Europe by the adopter.
Donations were received and supplies collected in support of the street dogs of Trinidad.
The Spanky Project was contacted asking for recommendations on how to best proceed.
Proceed with sterilization and care of street dogs in Trinidad.
The funds available were certainly enough to inaugurate an
 extension of our sterilization campañas to Trinidad.
A "Founding Funder" was in place.
We stated up front that this could take months ,if not years, to get the green lights needed to conduct fully approved campañas in Trinidad.
On May 20th we consulted with the 
Oficina del Historiador de La Ciudad de La Habana (OHCH).
OHCH is our collaborating Cuban structure and the lead in the network of Oficinas del Conservadors.
With them, our work in Havana is a model for export the other historical centres.
OHCH contacted Trinidad about a Spanky Project collaboration.
On May 25th the reply came.
In short YES!!!
There was great interest and we were invited move forward.
Given our years of experience in Cuba, 15 years that is, we never expected such a lighting fast acceptance.
The wheels were in motion.

It was planned that a team from Trinidad come and join us for our September campaña in Havana.
They came to observe our planning, systems and protocols.
Never has such a campaña been held in Trinidad.
It was important to see first hand what needs to be readied in Trinidad.

The first activity in the week long program was a mass deparasitization in the Santo Angel district of Habana Vieja.
Martha is President of 
Sociedad Civil Comunidad, Patrimonio y Medio Ambiente.
 Her office coordinates all our activities.
This includes the importation of all our supplies and visa approvals.
 She arrived with Ernie. He is a "Master Planner" from the Oficina del Conservador Trinidad.
He was very impressed with this event.
Especially impressed with how all ages came out in support of their animals. 
He saw first hand what will be taking place in Trinidad in December.
The next stop for the Team Trinidad was our five day sterilization campaña.
Yes the sign announces four days but..
.. due to popular demand a fifth day was added.
Team Trinidad veterinarians Dr.Armando and Dra.Susana joined us at our Quinta de los Molinos clinic.
They experienced all departments of our clinic.
They will take this experience back to Trinidad to prepare for December.

With all this good news and planning and a December campaña to look forward to comes the bad news.
With just 6 weeks to go ..
the promised funding and support that started the wheels in motion has been withdrawn.
The person who made the offer and agreed to what we proposed did not understand the complexities of launching such a effort in Cuba.
More importantly did not understand how important it is for the Spanky Project to work within the parameters of our "Convenio" and other agreements with Cuban structures.
We cannot circumvent our agreements and risk losing the trust and excellent reputation we have earned in our 15 years of
helping Cubans help their animals.

We now have an unfunded project.
So many have invested so much of themselves. 
Hopes are so high for what can be done in Trinidad ...we cannot let them down.

Cancelation is not an option.
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We have planned for 175 sterilization in the first phase of the Trinidad Project.
Half of those in December the rest in a series of mini campañas
Your $30 donation funds one of the 175.