Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Darkest Hour ....

The past couple of years have been challenging for the Spanky Project in Cuba.

Thank you all for your ongoing encouragement and support.

We have been working on the process to resume our entry into Cuba with the pharmaceuticals needed to conduct spay/neuter campañas.
Several wonderful people in Cuba have been working to get us to this point.
I will acknowledge their efforts in upcoming postings.

In October and December of this year I traveled to Havana to have high level discussions.

One of the most important was in October with the Instituto de Medicina Veterinaria.

Though not slated to attend, I was very pleased that the El Director General del Instituto de Medicina Veterinaria Dr. Jorge Luis Milian Darias (far right) lead our two and a half hour meeting.
 In that meeting we received confirmation that our list of medicines for entry was approved. 

We were also pleased that upon my request to increase, slightly, the amount for entry Dr.Milian permitted
 doubling of our list.

This doubling will allow for the spay/neuter of up to 800 cats and dogs.

I bring you this good news on a day that is an anniversary.

No not the day that Saddam Hussein was “smoked out of his hole”. 
It is  the anniversary, 13 years ago, that I had my first contact with Cubans that were helping animals.

This was the building that I visited that day
in Centro Habana

The man I met was Rafael Oliver. He started me and the Spanky Project on our journey.

Stay tuned for some major announcements resulting from these two trips. 

A new day is dawning!

I am asking for your continued support in helping Cubans help their animals.

And who knows with the détente between USA and Cuba we may have some "VetTrek" opportunities for American Veterinary personnel.