Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dogs, Doctors and Donations

D for ... well ........Dogs!!

Each week in Havana, on average, 150 unloved dogs are destroyed.
The Spanky Project is supporting efforts for humane population control in Havana and other locations in Cuba.

D for Doctors.

Joemel, Fermin, Ibrahim, Alexis, Portales,Livan, Eduardo,Luis and Juan are some of those I have come to know..
All of these Doctors have become compañeros in the fight for those that cannot speak.

D for donations
The work that the Doctors do with the dogs and other animals cannot be accomplished without donations of one kind or another.

Jennifer (on the right) and her husband Yoan deliver supplies from Canada to Dr. Margarita Acosta (left). Margarita is the President of the Consejo Cientifico Veterinaro for the Province of Camaguey.
If you care to deliver much needed supplies, I have contacts in Trinidad,Sancti Spiritus, Camaguey, Holquin and Havana. (Varadero coming soon)

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