Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Partners

In July of 2012, the Spanky Project came to know a specialized veterinary group working in Havana.
Headed by Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Arrocochea DMV, 
 the Laboratorio de Patología y Cirugía Experimental
- ( Pathology and Experimental Surgery Laboratory) –
is located in the Hospital de Oncología y Radiobiología situated in Vedado, Havana
Through an interview with our wonderful coordinator in Havana, Susana Hurlich, we found out it was a group which we could assist and collaborate.
Our first collaboration was a Fine Needle Biopsy presentation and workshop.
 Juan Carlos introduced Dr.Michael Belovich to those in attendance.
Dr.B's Powerpoint presentation, "Biopsia con Aguja Fina", was well received.
Our host venue was Quinta de los Molinos.
  With Alexandra Oppmann our Oncology Project Coordinator translating, theory was covered before we crossed the street for a hands-on workshop.
Every Friday morning Juan Carlos consults at the countries largest veterinary clinic on Carlos III.
When a possible case of cancer is suspected at Carlos III, Juan Carlos refers them to the Lab for a detailed diagnosis, treatment and follow-up--- the Lab deals primarily with referred cases.
  Juan Carlos prefers to do the follow-up consultations at the Lab. 
At the Lab, it’s much calmer and more focused than Carlos III
 therefore patients are less apt to experience stress.
Much of the work that Juan Carlos does at Carlos III is taking BAAF samples. 
These samples are then analyzed at the lab.

Up until now, the Lab had received no assistance from outside the country.
It was our pleasure to deliver an Oster Clipper. 
Until this new acquisition, the shaving of patients was done using a bare safety razor blade.
Along with the clipper, various reagents for testing samples and Coplin Jars were donated.

In October 2008, the first consultation in the field of veterinary oncology took place at Hospital de Oncología y Radiobiología.
Operating within the hospital, the new Laboratorio de Patología y Cirugía Experimental(Pathology and Experimental Surgery Laboratory) is dedicated to veterinary care.
During the care of these loved pets many lessons are learned that can be applied to human cancer treatments.
Juan Carlos acknowledges receipt of the donation.
In June 2013, we again met with Juan Carlos and Dra. Lilibeth Calaña Seoane.
We furthered our planning for a research project into Transmissible Venereal Tumors (TVTs) and ways of reducing their occurrence.
 This collaboration with Juan Carlos and his team means a lot to me.
It will be ten years ago this September when we said goodbye to Spanky due to liver cancer.
Having the opportunity to help Cuban animals battle and survive cancer brings a joy beyond compare.
Please support this collaboration if cancer has touched you and your furry family member.
Donations can be at
Canada Helps.

  ¡Felicitaciones to Alex and the Oppmann crew!!!!
A new member is joining their team