Monday, March 31, 2008

Still "On the road again".

After dropping my bag, giving “besos y abrazos” to my sweetie who arrived earlier the same morning, greeting Evora and family--- including Cindy the boxer--- and settling into my casa it was time to meet Barbara.

Barbara and I had been in email contact for several month planning this trip . This was the day when it all came together.

Driving from Montana to Calgary then flying to Varadero, Barbara would be only a two and a half hour bus ride from Havana and a mojito on a patio. With about four hours to kill before my arrival she should have settled into her prearranged casa, strolled some and had that mojito. Well, that was the alternate reality (as Barbara would say).

The first few words out of Barbaras mouth when we met were, “I just got here”.
Due to her generous nature in bringing needed supplies to Cuba, Aduana in Varadero saw fit to have a few words with her. I must point out that in an “alternate reality” the supplies may have been in a “duffle bag” instead of a cardboard box.
Barbara spent enough time with Aduana that she missed the first Viazul bus to Havana and had to catch the second of the day.
We will cover her Varadero experience in greater detail in the future.

For now it was time to hit the streets and show Barbara the Havana I have come to know and love. Oh and some Mojito research.

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