Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wish List Wednesday

Can you help?

I have a large supply of donated supplies awaiting delivery to Cuba.
If you are located in the Toronto - Kingston corridor and have space to spare I have supplies for you. I can put together a package to suit your weight / space limits.

If you think you can help please let me know.
For those willing to deliver supplies to Havana, Holguin, Trinidad, Camaquey (Varadero soon) I will provide all the needed contact info and back up contacts.

Should you care to acquire supplies on your own below is a list:

Wormers, flea and tick preventatives are greatly needed.
For your information if an animal has a flea infestation it has worms. Therefore the need
to rid the animal of fleas goes hand in hand with worming.
Any products will be appreciated - collars, shampoos, drops and sprays etc.

DRONCIT (Praziquantel)
Praziquantel kills mature and immature development stages of tapeworms in the
intestine after a single treatment.

Control of all intestinal worms.

Ivomec 1% Injection (Ivermectine) for Cattle & Swine
Do not purchase Ivomec Plus as it has a negative effect on the livers of dogs.
The dosage of this product has been worked out for use on dogs. This is a highly
effective remedy for parasites and mange mites.
This product can be purchase at farmer’s co-ops and TSC Stores in the United States.

Replacement shaver blades for an Oster A5 Golden #40 blade ($30.00 USD)
Animal marker kit ie Spaulding Special Electric Tattoo Animal Marker (110V) ($340.00)

Permectrin II
Provides long-acting killing power for flies, lice, mites, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes

UK source for wormers

Needles, syringes
Digital thermometers
Dog and Cat carriers

Veterinary texts both english and spanish
Veterinary material in digital format
Care and training of domestic animals
Care and training of equines

Grooming equipment (Shavers, brushes, scissors, shampoo, nail clippers, flea combs, etc)
Scrub shirts and pants for staff and volunteers.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"You can't save them all..."

On my trip in May I came across this little guy in Centro Habana.
It was my last day and as I say to myself often,
 "you can't save them all".

I took a few shots and moved on.

Once back in Canada I could not keep the little guy out of my mind.
What to do?
I sent an email to one of my contacts in Havana with some photos and the location of the sighting.
A request was forward that inquires be made as to the dogs situation.
With in a few days I received a reply the dog and two others live with an elderly resident of the neighbourhood.
Apparently two dog do not leave the house but this one does.

This little guy known as Lion is now receiving anti-parasite treatment both internal and external. A dog that looks like this is a target for Zoonosis (dog catcher). Each week zoonosis picks up street dogs and holds them for three days in a location outside of Havana.
If not claimed within three days they are killed with strychnine.

The other two dogs as well as the elderly resident are also being helped out.

"You can't save them all... but helping just one feels so good”

Sunday, August 10, 2008

In Memory of ....

Dr. Fermin M. Palazuelos Tuset

My deepest condolences go out to the family of Dr. Fermin M. Palazuelos Tuset.
Fermin the President of the Consejo Cientifico Veterinario de Cuba passed on Tuesday.

Since our first meeting a couple of years ago Fermin has been instrumental in assisting the Spanky Project's efforts to help the animals of Cuba.

Official recognition of this assistance came in February of this year when Fermin on behalf of the Consejo signed a Letter of Intent with the Spanky Project and the Grupo Dulce Maria Loynaz.