Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Save A Life ...

Havana is begging for help !!!

These little pests are killing dogs.
The occurrences of the tick borne disease ehrlichiosis seem to be at an increased level this year.
Given the prevalence of the disease in ticks - the absence of tick prevention -
and the lack of available diagnostic testing - all result in a deadly problem.

The Cuban drug of choice for treating this disease is oxytetracycline.
Other antibiotics of use are tetracycline or doxycycline.
You can help !!
For those of you in Ontario, Canada TSC Stores are a source for Oxytetracycline.
Here is their store locator.
Other sources in Canada would be Co-Op and other farm supply stores.

In the USA, online sources include Amazon the Cattle Store and the Tractor Supply Company.

Of course, prevention is the best remedy.
Tick collars, sprays, dips and drops are in great need.

If you will be in Havana in the very near future please lend a paw and save a life.

I will provide drop off locations upon request.