Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Passing

It is with sadness that we learned about the passing of Alejandro Noa.
Alejandro was a Havana artist that created hand painted greeting cards.

This is the first example of his work I ever saw. It was a card that Justo, a Spanky Project supporter in Havana had given me.

Through Justo we commissioned Alejandro to create Thank You cards and other material for the Spanky Project.

 Here is one of my favourite pieces.

 Justo has sent some detail about Alejandro.

"Alejandro was divorced. He used to live with his sister divorced too, but she died suddenly too about 4 years ago.  His only relative alive, as far as we know, is his nephew, son of his sister.  Lately he had been having problem with his heart and was under treatment, trying to control the high blood pressure, the beatings and arrhythmia  of his heart, etc.  But as the seller of the cards on Neptune street told me, he died quite suddenly at night, alone."

It is wonderful that he brought joy to others with his creations.

Adios Alejandro.
 You will be missed.

Earth Cries Heaven Smiles.