Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Santo Angel Deparasitization - Good to be back

In 2011 we began to solidify our presence in Habana Vieja.
Working with the Oficina del Historiador Ciudad de la Habana and 
Sociedad Civil,Patrimonio, Comunidad y Medio Ambiente
we came to know of Gilberto Valladares Reina (aka Papito) 
and his community project
Barrio Santo Angel was a neighbourhood being rejuvenated.
Papito and Artecorte were the driving force behind change.

Later in 2011 we returned to help celebrate the renovation and reopening of the neighbourhood 
Consultorio Veterinario.
On September 28, 2011 we held mass deparasitization for the community and Habana Vieja.
486 registered .. we treated more.
Mass deparasitization events are usually the final event 
of one of our campaña weeks.
For World Spay Day Week 2018 we held two.
One to kick off the week ... another to close out the week.
 To start the week, at our request, we were back in Santo Angel with Artecorte.
This neighbourhood has certainly been transformed and
 a must see if you visit Havana.
It was wonderful to be welcomed back.
Terry - Spanky Project
Papito- Founder Artecorte  
Dr.Luis (Luisito) - Zoonosis Habana Vieja
Dr.Yoel - Veterinarian Aquarium de la Habana Vieja

Zoonosis gets a bad rap.
It is the agency which collects strays in the streets.
Some of the methods of some of the workers give it that reputation.
 But, Luisto awesome.
He is Zoonosis' veterinarian for Habana Vieja.
 He always brings rabies vaccine to our campañas and helps out.
 Here, he's handing over the rabies vaccination certificate.
Papito, Adriana and Artecorte made this a fun day.
There was something for everyone.
We had clowns!!!
Dra.Marina does not appear to be a fan of clowns.
There were also contests.
Here's the winner of "My pet looks like me".
 It was a great morning.
We were all very happy with the day.
135 dogs/cats were treated.
And you wondered about the SCISSORS
 Please help us to continue providing these free services to 
Cuban communities
 and the animals that live within them.
Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!
Our sterilization campaña took place between the two deparasitizations.
We sterilized, deparasitized and vaccinated 156 pet cats
Our second mass deparasitization of the week was in the heart of Habana Vieja at...
Civil Society for Heritage, Community and the Environment
Sociedad Civil,Patrimonio, Comunidad y Medio Ambiente

When the last puppy was served...
Canadian Veterinary student Jaime Yoon bought us
 all churros.
 A huge thank you to 
Dr. Lorraine Chalkley
Southfork Animal Clinic,Murphy Texas.
She contacted her suppliers and they came through with a huge donation of flea/tick prevention.

On the week here are the totals
Quinta de los Molinos
Perros y gatos
Barrio Santo Ángel
Perros y gatos


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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dispatches From Havana

On June 6th a deworming for the tourist coach horses was carried out in Habana Vieja.
The medication was provided by the Spanky Project.
Dr.Fernando Gispert applied the treatment.
We have collaborated with the Coopertiva de Cocheros for years and Fernando even longer.

Here is the report we received.

Asociación de Medicina Veterinaria de Cuba(AMVC)
Filial La Habana.

Fecha:6 DE junio de 2018
Sociedad Científica: Clínica y Cirugía Veterinaria
Clase: Práctica 
Coordinador: Fernando Gispert Muñoz. 
Patrocinadores: Oficinadel Historiador de la Ciudad, Spanky Project Canada; Sociedad Civil Patrimonio Comunidad y Medio Ambiente; Clínica Veterinaria “Laika”; AMVC La Habana.
Marco: Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, Día Internacional de la infancia, Nacimiento de Antonio Maceo y Che.
Producto: Ivomec Merial. Lote: AD 161/14       FV:06/2019    500 ml
Gasto Medicamento: 380.4ml
Total: 56 animales
Ingresos: ninguno (gratis) 

The event was held in celebration and memory of ..
International Children's Day - June 1
World Environment Day - June 5

One of our mottos is a quote from Che
"Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible"
Let's be realists and do the impossible

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

In Memory of Marta!

On June 7, 2018
Marta Engracias Castiilo Ortiz
Born 16 April 1940
Passed away

The Spanky Project has been blessed in meeting amazing Cubans since our beginnings in 2003.
Marta, was a cat colony keeper and counts as one of them.
She sustained a colony in a construction site on the edge of Plaza de Armas in Havana.
We were introduced to Martha as a prime candidate for a TNR program.
In October of 2012 the Spanky Project along with, invited guest organization, Animal Balance conducted Cuba's first mass TNR.
Marta's cats in Plaza de Armas were the first colony to be part of this new and ongoing program.

Marta also cared for Nano. 
One of the resident dogs in the plaza.

Marta will be missed.

Upon receiving the sad news we shared it in
Spanky Project Facebook Group and Spanky Project USA Page.

My heart goes out to everyone that was affected by her passing - love in my heart for her and everyone that knew her! 
-Ashley Russell-Harte

RIP Marta. I know you did this from the bottom of your heart and your love of animals.
-Stephanie Evers 

What a sad day may she rest in peace
-Isabelita De Cuba

So sorry to hear of Marta’s passing. She was a special lady
-Leslie Pont 

Oh no...i met her a few years ago... she did so much for the cats and dogs overthere.... tjee....
-Nicky Kil 

 May Her Spirit Soar with those of all the street cats of Havana Vieja.
-Cindy Kilgore 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Your Donated Dollar Could Be Huge!!!!!

Today begins,
 what could be, 
our biggest fund raising month of the year
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A small donation can yield a huge reward. 
Hmmm.... what would we do with $10,000?
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