Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wish List Wednesday

Here we go with Wish List Wednesday.

Please do not restrict yourself to the listed items. Everything is in need so look for sales in your area.
I have provided links to sources in various countries. If you come across a deal let me now and I may post it.

The last item on the list, an "animal marker kit", is needed urgently.
The company will ship only to the billing address of the credit card used for the purchase.
If you live in the USA and can purchase and deliver this item to Havana I will reimburse you once delivery is confirmed.

A similar arrangement can be made for Canada but the importation from the USA creates additional costs.

All Wormer

Ivomec 1% Injectable
Permectrin II
Provides long-acting killing power for flies, lice, mites, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes

Bio Spot Pyrthrin Dip
4oz bottle makes 8 gallons of dip.

Source for wormers

Drontal Plus All Wormer

6' nylon dog leashes
nylon collars
Dog and cat crates and carriers of ALL sizes

Animal shaver with detachable surgical blade. ie Oster A5 Golden (110V) #40 blade, Andis MBG2 Pro-Animal Clipper Kit.

Animal marker kit ie Spaulding Electric Tattoo Animal Marker(110V)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Time For A Bath

Shaggy is now in the care of a Vet in Trinidad. Early reports are that with some loving care all will be well.
I believe a bath is the order of the day for the little guy.

Soon after Shaggy was in the foster care of the Vet, Marilyn was on the telephone to Julio for some first hand reports.Now comes the logistics of arranging for Shaggy’s trip. In an email I received Marilyn stated, “The licence and other documents which our Government needs are complete and I have made a reservation at the quarantine premises near my home."
In Trinidad Julio and the Vet will take care of whatever paperwork they can and my contacts in Havana will ease the way before departure.

Marilyn has booked passage to Cuba and is slated to be in Trinidad November 8th.
Traveling with her will be veterinary supplies and meds, all of which are in short supply in Cuba.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Could it be?

It doesn't get any better than this on Wish List Wednesday.

Julio took the photos I sent and put them to paper for distribution to some friends around the Plaza Mayor area.
Shortly after distribution Julio received a call about a possible Shaggy sighting.
These photos were taken in Trinidad so the UK could confirm the ID.

What do you think? Is this Shaggy?

Confirmation came today that this is in fact Shaggy.
It looks like the six months on the streets have been rough.

The next stop will be a visit to the Vet and a home stay with a Protectora both of whom are working with the Spanky Project..
Once the health of the dog is accessed plans will begin for a trip to Cuba to pick up Shaggy for a life in the UK.

Stay tune for further developments

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shaggy Dog Rescue

Back in September I was in contact with a woman from the UK regarding a dog in Trinidad Cuba. She had come across the dog and could not shake him from her memory. This all came about as the result of a posting in a Cuba forum regarding rescuing a dog from Cuba. We had an initial contact and discussion about helping her on a return trip to Trinidad to look for the dog. This matter had slipped my mind until I read another post about taking dogs on Viazul, the Cuban inter-provincial bus service. Contact again was made with the dog lover and I put my resources to work in Trinidad. Last evening at the request of Julio in Trinidad I forwarded some low resolution photos that were sent to me. The dog has been dubbed Shaggy and one can see why. This evening I received word from Julio that there has been a possible Shaggy sighting. 
 More news to follow....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Smart Dogs

One of my frequent stops in Havana is the Pasteleria Francesca, located at Prado #410. Known for pastries their patio is one of my favourite stops for an "espresso doble y agua". During this visit there were a few dogs hanging out. The two dogs in the photo provided some entertainment.
The little guys were very happy to lounge in the doorway of the cafe until the cafe boss came along. El jefe with some serious persuasion managed to get the boys out to the street. No sooner had the boss disappeared then the dogs were immediately back in the doorway. This game was played two or three time until the boss finally gave up.
Oh there was a very smart third dog that hid behind the door.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunwing to Havana. Sept.26

I’ve been home for a few days now and it’s time for some reflections.

First a few words about Sunwing Vacations
Sunwing Vacations never replied to my emails. I did not even receive an acknowledgement of receipt. In retrospect I would have been happy with a flat no to my request for additional luggage allowance rather than what I received which was to be totally ignored.
Unlike the administrative end of Sunwing the front line and flight crews are second to none. Checking was efficient and friendly. My checked back was 1.5kg overweight and nothing was mentioned about it. Our Boeing 737 with real simulated leather seats departed on time. The flight crew worked none stop; hot towels, champagne, hot meal with red or which,cocktails,snack and duty free all delivered with a smile.
There was a celebrity sighting Jane Bunnett and Larry Cramer were on board destined for Cameguey

Our flight arrived in Varadero on time but due to returning Cubans bringing in dutiable items we were delayed. To be fare to the Cubans when it came time to pay the cashier had gone for a dinner break. We were delayed about two hours. One passenger began to complain about the delay. He suggested to the Gaviota Tour rep that those yet to exit customs short be sent in a taxi and that we should depart to which the rep stated “ I’m sorry I am just a soldier”. I howled at this reply as the employees of Gaviota are all soldier it is operated by the military.

The two hour bus trip to Havana / Miramar was uneventful with arrival at the Aparthotel Montehabana being 10:30 pm.

The Montehabana is very comfortable and only a 7 CUC taxi ride from Parque Central in Havana. I would spend two night here and then three in Havana at Casa Evora before returning.