Friday, October 21, 2011

Monday September 26

Up and out early, we headed for San Miguel de Pedron.

We arrived at the Consultorio veterinario Dra Danis Rivero Garcés.
The Spanky Project and Dra.Danis have been collaborating since June 2009

We are here to deparasitize and vaccinate 50 dogs in preparation for a sterilization campaña in late November.

They came in various shapes and sizes.

Thanks to Sergio Chan and Bayer for their ongoing support of Cubans and their animals.
Bayer donated Drontal Plus for the deparasitization part of our campaign.

After lunch we headed to Finca Vigia to check in with our four legged friends.
Dr.B brought a "doggy bag" of lunch leftovers.

Once the dogs were taken care of Ada Rosa, directora of Finca Vigia, gave our group a tour.

We had the great privledge of going inside to view the newly restored Hemingway kitchen.Our official day wound up with a visit to Clinica Veterinaria Laika in Habana Vieja.
This is a clinic where we work each trip.
This visit was to prepare for the next day's sterilization campaña and to present a surprise or two.
Little did we know the first surprise would be for us. Waiting to greet us upon our arrival was the newly appointed interim director of
Clínica Veterinaria ¨Jose Luis Callejas¨on Calle Carlos III,
Dr. Rafael Pino Ventosa
Dr.Pino was an absolute pleasure to meet with.
He extended the use of his clinic to host any campaigns we care to hold.
¨Jose Luis Callejas¨ is a large facility which once housed the veterinary school.

Our first surprise for Clinica Laika was a generous donation from Marilou of Vacaville, California.
The tattoo outfit will be used to mark each furry patient post sterilization.
Dr.Belovich presented the second surprise.
This came courtesy of Dr.B's mother.
A laptop computer loaded with digitized veterinary text books ... mostly in Spanish.

If you have recently upgraded to a new laptop, I can find a loving home for your recent discard.
We clean the hard drives and then load them with veterinary texts.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

We're back !
What a wonderful week.
Thanks go to the veterinarians at Jose Marti Airport.
They had their carbon paper at the ready to facilitate our entry.
As always, we arrived with our supplies pre-cleared by MINVEC/EMED and the Institute of Veterinary Medicine (IMV)
Our four bags, totaling over 200 lbs, took care of our checked baggage allowance.
Thanks to those of you who have delivered donations during your vacations.

This allows us to concentrate on the delivery of medicine, anesthetics and other supplies with which "travelers" would not be able to enter.

Our hosts for the week were Evora and Manuel at Prado#20
I take every opportunity I can to book into this
Casa Particulare.
With views like this, why would you stay anywhere else?

After spending the day finalizing details for the week's program Susana, Spanky Project's Coordinator, had a wonderful invitation for us.
We were invited to a performance at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba by Danza Libre dance troupe from Guantanamo Province.

Susana, on the left, searches in here bag while and her good friend Danza Libre's Director Alfredo Velazquez looks on.

After the show...

... Dr.Belovich bought dinner. Jeje !

Looking forward to future reports on this trip ...
Sterilization campañas
"Desparasitación Masiva de Mascotas"
Collaboration with Cuban Veterinary students
and the
signing of an important agreement.

It's Wishlist Wednesday.
Here is a short list of needs.

Amoxil: 100 mg capsule, 200 or 250 mg capsules:
Cephalexin:ie Novolexin 250 mg tabs/caps
Amoxil/Clavulanic acid: ie Bioclav or Clavamox 62.5mg & 125mg or Clavaseptin 50mg & 250mg
Enrofloxacin: Baytril 15mg & 50 mg
Marbofloxacin: Zenequin 25 mg & 50 mg
Clindamycin: Antirobe 25mg/ml suspension or 25 mg capsules

Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatories
Meloxicam: 20 mg/ml injectable 20 ml or 1.5 mg/ml suspension 10 and 32 ml bottles
Rimadyl: 25 mg tablets or 75 mg tablets – bottles of 60 or 180
Previcox: all sizes

Suture Needles – to be used with cassettes of suture
Reverse Cutting 3/8th circle #13 – come in packages of 10 (for dogs)
Reverse Cutting 3/8th circle #20 – come in packages of 10 (for cats)

Suture Casettes
Catgut Medium Chromic 2/0 50 m cassette
Supramid 2/0 100m cassette

Monocryl 2/0 Y943H FS1 dyed
Monocryl 3/0 Y923H FS2 dyed

Needles :
22 g ¾ inch box of 100
25 g 3/8 inch box of 100

3 cc with 22 g ¾ needles or 25 g needles
1 cc with 24 g 3/8th inch needles

Antiparasitic :
Ivermectine 1%
Spot on flea tick prevention
Droncit, Drontal Plus

Misc. :
Hot water bottles
Nail clippers
#40 shaver blades for Oster shavers

Thanks in advance for
helping Cubans help their animals !!