Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last Shot

It took about seven hours, yesterday, for Skeeter to get to a reasonable comfort level. That is a level perceived by a worried parent to be comfortable. She did huff and puff and pant but there was no whimpering.
The Vet did place a call to us last night, making sure everything was fine.

Today was Skeeter’s third and final shot. She was a little trooper according to the Vets attending to her. Upon leaving we were given a dose of tramadol 50mg in case of severe pain.

Today was much more like the first injection when it come to visible discomfort. Whimpering heavy panting and painful walking were the order of the day. At one point Skeeter dug a little hole in the garden under the lilac bushes and laid in it.

Relief was seen about five hours after the injection. She’s now sleeping and we’ve yet to use the tramadol.

In 30 days Skeeter is due for a return visit for a “Wellness Test” which will check for liver and kidney function among other things. After three doses of arsenic based treatment it’s best to make sure everything is working well.

I sure hope the heartworm has been taken care of for good. This is not an experience a friend should go through.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Second Shot

We took Skeeter to the Vet today for her latest heartworm treatment. It was another shot in the hind quarter.
It’s been four hours since the shot and she has the same discomfort as with the shot last month. Hopefully within the next couple of hours she’ll be resting comfortably.

Tomorrow we return to the Vet for the final shot.

With Skeeter’s curtailed activity level I’m surprised she has only gained one tenth of a pound. We did cut back on her food but her steady weight is surprising.