Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunwing to Havana. Sept.26

I’ve been home for a few days now and it’s time for some reflections.

First a few words about Sunwing Vacations
Sunwing Vacations never replied to my emails. I did not even receive an acknowledgement of receipt. In retrospect I would have been happy with a flat no to my request for additional luggage allowance rather than what I received which was to be totally ignored.
Unlike the administrative end of Sunwing the front line and flight crews are second to none. Checking was efficient and friendly. My checked back was 1.5kg overweight and nothing was mentioned about it. Our Boeing 737 with real simulated leather seats departed on time. The flight crew worked none stop; hot towels, champagne, hot meal with red or which,cocktails,snack and duty free all delivered with a smile.
There was a celebrity sighting Jane Bunnett and Larry Cramer were on board destined for Cameguey

Our flight arrived in Varadero on time but due to returning Cubans bringing in dutiable items we were delayed. To be fare to the Cubans when it came time to pay the cashier had gone for a dinner break. We were delayed about two hours. One passenger began to complain about the delay. He suggested to the Gaviota Tour rep that those yet to exit customs short be sent in a taxi and that we should depart to which the rep stated “ I’m sorry I am just a soldier”. I howled at this reply as the employees of Gaviota are all soldier it is operated by the military.

The two hour bus trip to Havana / Miramar was uneventful with arrival at the Aparthotel Montehabana being 10:30 pm.

The Montehabana is very comfortable and only a 7 CUC taxi ride from Parque Central in Havana. I would spend two night here and then three in Havana at Casa Evora before returning.

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