Monday, October 22, 2007

Time For A Bath

Shaggy is now in the care of a Vet in Trinidad. Early reports are that with some loving care all will be well.
I believe a bath is the order of the day for the little guy.

Soon after Shaggy was in the foster care of the Vet, Marilyn was on the telephone to Julio for some first hand reports.Now comes the logistics of arranging for Shaggy’s trip. In an email I received Marilyn stated, “The licence and other documents which our Government needs are complete and I have made a reservation at the quarantine premises near my home."
In Trinidad Julio and the Vet will take care of whatever paperwork they can and my contacts in Havana will ease the way before departure.

Marilyn has booked passage to Cuba and is slated to be in Trinidad November 8th.
Traveling with her will be veterinary supplies and meds, all of which are in short supply in Cuba.

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