Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shaggy Dog Rescue

Back in September I was in contact with a woman from the UK regarding a dog in Trinidad Cuba. She had come across the dog and could not shake him from her memory.

This all came about as the result of a posting in a Cuba forum regarding rescuing a dog from Cuba. We had an initial contact and discussion about helping her on a return trip to Trinidad to look for the dog. This matter had slipped my mind until I read another post about taking dogs on Viazul, the Cuban inter-provincial bus service.

Contact again was made with the dog lover and I put my resources to work in Trinidad.
Last evening at the request of Julio in Trinidad I forwarded some low resolution photos that were sent to me.
The dog has been dubbed Shaggy and one can see why.

This evening I received word from Julio that there has been a possible Shaggy sighting.

More news to follow....

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