Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Sleeps

In less than 48 hours I will be back in Cuba. The moon will be full and I’ll be sippin’ on something.

It looks like I will be traveling light this trip. Sunwing Vacations being a charter company allows a total of 20kg of checked baggage. 
Last Wednesday I sent an email to Sunwing ,via their website, requesting an increased allowance. The website states to allow two business days for a replies to emails.
As of this morning I still have not had a reply so a second email was sent to them this morning.
I must say I enjoy flying with Air Canada from the standpoint of luggage allowance (2 bags 23kg each).

One meeting I hope to arrange is with Nora Garcia the head of Aniplant. Aniplant is the NGO responsible for the protection of animals. More on Aniplant latter.


Barbara said...

Spam... dang. I can read and understand it, so it must be pretty close to Spanish. Portugese?
I hope Havana was wonderful; looking forward to reading all about it.

Los Perros said...

Thanks for checking in Barbara.
I took care of the Spam.

My trip was fun and fruitful and I'll post highlights soon.

He's a teaser ... man bitten by dog... now on IV CIPRO for three days.