Monday, March 3, 2008

On the Road Again

Now that I am back at home I will fill you in on my latest adventures in Cuba.
I will provide - what should be - a day by day look at the trip

Monday February 11 2008

On February 11th I departed for Havana via Air Canada.
My plea for an extra weight allowance was denied by Canada’s national airline. Unlike Sunwing Vacations, Air Canada was true to their word in responding to my request in a timely manner. Yes, I did have a generous allowance to start with and I maximized all of my 140 lb. limit.

Departing at 09:15 the outside temperature was -18c with a windchill of - 30c. This kid was primed for some heat and humidity.

This was a two week venture to Havana and Trinidad with a possibility for time in Sancti Spiritus.
Meeting me in Havana would be Barbara Calm DVM from Montana USA. As most of you are aware, the United States of America does not allow it’s citizens to freely travel to Cuba. With this in mind,Barbara traveled under license provided by Caribbean Medical Transport.

Our goals for the trip included:
- meeting with Nora Garcia,head of Aniplant (Asociación Cubana para la Protección y Bienestar Animal y de Plantas).
-visits to Veterinary clinics
-visits to spay campaigns
-meetings with members of the Consejo Cientifico Veterinario de Cuba
-travel to Trinidad,Cuba and a visit with the founder of the Diana Project for horses.
-travel to Sancti Spiritus, Cuba for talks with the provincial veterinary council.
On the surface one would think that this would not provide two full weeks of activity.
If you add a little tourism, some of the Jazz Festival and a day off for “El Dia del Amor” the two weeks would fly by quickly.

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