Sunday, December 25, 2016

Boxing Day!

The Spanky Project is a 
Federally Incorporated Not For Profit 
We are based in Canada and have been helping Cubans help their animals since 2003.

Medical supplies are required in order for us to do our work in Cuba! 

We conduct high volume sterilization clinics twice each year. 
Also, we hold mini-campañas monthly.
 Pets and street animals are given a health check,spayed or neutered and given rabies vaccines as well as anti-parasite medication.  

This is of course free to a community that otherwise would not have access to these services either due to cost or availability of supplies.

The supplies we need are either not available at all in Cuba or very hard to come by. So…..we bring them with us.  You should see us at the airport, lugging around heavy suitcases loaded with supplies.  

There is one problem ... but a good one to have.  
One of our core members, in the USA, has many contacts in the world of healthcare and surgery who are very generous in donating supplies.  
So generous, in fact, that we need help getting all of them to Cuba 
in between the campaigns. 
This is where you can help!
If you are planning a trip to Cuba... or know someone who is ... it would be great if you could take some of our supplies. 

We'll ship you a "caja".
Caja is spanish for "box".
Oh and the "j" is pronounced like an "h".
Repeat after me "Caja"

We can fit quite a lot of essential supplies into a "Spanky Caja"....
... that is 12"x12"x6" 
The only catch is we’d like you to pay for the postage to help us keep our costs down.  
The cost is $15.00 for a USPS large flat rate box.  
... or ...

..... WAIT ....
 If you are in the Los Angeles area, we can arrange a meeting place to deliver them to you.
Contact us and we’ll make arrangements to get a box to you and a place to drop the supplies off once you are in Havana .  
Join us and our team to help Cubans help their animals.
These boxes contain no pharmaceuticals, medications, drugs, liquids.

A typical box may have suture, gauze, gloves, needles/syringes, surgical drapes.

Our focus is in Havana but if you are headed to Pinar Del Rio or Trinidad we collaborate with groups in these locations.
They, too, do great work and we support each other whenever we can.
Thank you for taking the time to consider this effort.
Cuba's animals await you.

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