Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Follow Your Dreams.

In 2006 the Spanky Project signed a Carta de Intencion with the 
Consejo Cientifico Veterinario de Cuba (CCVC).
It is under their umbrella we work.
Created in 1908 the CCVC is a national NGO representing over a dozen aspects of 
Cuban Veterinary medicine.
Dr. Fermín Manuel Palazuelos - President CCVC 2006

In 2011 the Spanky Project made a more formal pact with the CCVC.
It was Dra.Amaro, widow of the late Dr.Fermin,  who facilitated the 
Convenio de Colaboración.

On December 14, 2016, the 108th anniversary of the CCVC, a great honour was bestowed upon me.

That being made an...
Honourary Member
Dra.Betty Amaro - President CCVC

I took this opportunity to say a few words...
and in Spanish.
My heartfelt thanks to the Consejo for this wonderful honour. 
As Betty knows I have resisted this moment for years. 
The Spanky Project has never been about me. 

By virtue of it’s guiding spirit it is about …. 

It is about …
the hopes and dreams of those who want to better the lives of animals. 

It is about..
the animals. 

So, I accept this honour in the name of the Spanky Project and of those who go after their dreams to make them reality. 

The Spanky Project has been helping Cubans help their animals since 2003. 
The project was born out of the love for a furry friend, my four-legged soul mate, my dog Spanky. 

In 2006 the Consejo, under then President Dr. Fermín Manuel Palazuelos Tuset., signed a Carta de Intención with the Spanky Project.
In 2011 we this turned into a more formal Convenio de Colaboración.

The Consejo gave us a foundation to build upon and I am forever grateful to Fermin, to Dra.Betty Amaro and to the Consejo in general for seeing the value of our work and to share our dream. 

Dreams are easier to achieve with help and friends by your side. 

If you want to go fast go alone

If you want to go far…. go together

Let us go together.

As Che so wisely said: Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible.
                                            (Let's be realists and do the impossible)

With all my heart I thank you all.
The road is long and I am grateful you are on it with us.
I encourage all of you to follow that dream you have.

Follow your dream and amazing happens.

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