Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Skeeter, our dog, has a cause ...


Time to help another good cause and it won't cost you a cent.

Every vote Skeeter gets at the Fido Casting Call earns $1 for Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides!!!
Help her gets lots and lots of $1 for this great cause!!
PLEASE vote once a day until September 10th!!!

Skeeter also has a chance to win some prizes.
Here are her comments about that ...
"But... seriously... I don't want to win anything. I am happy in our truck and really would not like having to be clean and polite in a limo. I HATE even the thought of "doggy spa". I have a sneaky suspicion there is water, soap and brushing involved with that. As for the ad campaign? I really do not take direction very well. I'd be spending most of my time at the craft service table TOTALLY ignoring the director. I want lots and lots of dollars for the DOG GUIDES so I really want to come in second... :O)"

Please share this and help a good cause!

September 1 Update!!
Thanks to all that are helping Skeeter support Canada Dog Guide.
You have raised her in the rankings from the high 4000s to, as of this 9:00am Sept 1 2012
Please keep voting.
Once a day until the 10th.

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