Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breaking News ..

... well -- actually-- from last September.

The Spanky Project held a sterilization campaña for pets in San Jose de las Lajas.
This event included veterinary students from the Agrarian University which is located in the town.

Each pet was escorted through the entire process by a student.
Forty students spent the day with us.
Much was learned.

This was also a historical event.
 It was the first mass sterilization of pets in the newly created Province of Mayabeque.

How's your Spanish?

We made the evening news.
Here is the recently obtained footage.

Totals for the day.
34 patients
6 cats ........ 5 female 1 male
28 dogs .... 27 females 1 male
No complications !

More than that ... our commitment to Cuba's future veterinarians will continue.

With us at this historic event were Emma Clifford and Dr.Byron Maas of 
  Dr.Slavek Zenkov who is a principal veterinarian with 

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