Sunday, February 6, 2011

VetTrek - Day 6

Saturday December 5, 2010

Located on the edge of Habana Vieja, in the Tallapiedra district, is the
Cochera Equina (Equine Garage).

The horses and coachmen of Habana Vieja begin their days here...
receiving assignments and purchasing feed .

This is an area that tourists seldom see.

This was the final "working" day of our visit.
Dr.Travers put into practice theoretical presentations given a few days earlier at the
first Cuba Canada Veterinarian's Day.
Lameness tests, hoof tests, wormings and more.

Photo:Susan Hurlich
And boy was there more.
Dr. Carlos Yrurzun proves he knows his horses ...nose to tail.
Dr.Travers with members of the Agrarian University Faculty.

Ezequiel Palacios Coto the cochero of carriage 52 was very appreciative of our visit.
He invited us to join him and his horse for a complementary tour of Habana Vieja.

But first a visit with John Lennon
and a check up for Susana's cats.

The check ups included physicals, vaccinations, nail trimming, ear cleaning and the application of an anti-parasitic.
Susana and Gladys are both great cat lovers.
I have to be sure their kitties are healthy before I can ask them to help others.

We arrived at the Capitolio at the appointed time for our tour.
Again with Ivomec at the ready we manage to fill an some idle moments deworming coach horses.

Should you find yourself in front of the Capitolio thinking of taking a coach tour
look for Ezequiel and CP52.
He cares for and loves his horses. They are in very good condition.
Say Hola from Terry and the Spanky Project.

I am please to confirm there will be a second annual
Cuba Canada Veterinary Day.
The Consejo Cientifico Veternary de Cuba has set the date for
December 1, 2011.
This will be the highlight of a week full of collaborations.

Email me
Click on the envelope to send a message - you would be interested in participating..


Green Urban Girl said...

So happy to find out about your project and that someone is helping the stray dogs (and other animals) in Cuba. It's such a great thing you and your team are doing! I sent an email to friends, blogged about your efforts and posted some pics on my flickr site. Hope it helps!

Los Perros said...

Thanks for dropping by GUG.
I appreciate the posting on your blog.
Our mission is to help Cubans help their animals.
Free spay and neuter is the core of our program.