Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's a Record

Early morning, February 12th, they began to assemble in Habana Viaja.

photos by S.Hurlich
We began at 8:00 am.
The cats and "their" people were first.
They waited near the door for instructions.
Another Esterilización Masiva Gratuita was underway in Habana Vieja.

Gladys, the Spanky Project's representative in Cuba, kept everyone well informed.

Little did we all know - this was going to become record breaking day.

Later the dogs and their people arrived.
Once in the reception area, patient and caregiver information was recorded.
The patients were weighed and given a sedative.
Once again, an excellent team of Cuban veterinary personnel had assembled.

They donate their time to these campañas that provide free spay/neuters.

The recovery area filled up quite quickly.
It was good to have some extra help.
Christina, from Florida based Peluma, dropped by to lend a hand.
Education is an important component of these very successful campañas.
As caregivers prepared to pick-up their dogs and cats they had an opportunity to take away literature on a variety of pet care topics.

Special thanks go to Sergio Chan (left) and Bayer Animal Health for their ongoing support, and
Ulice Acosta (right) of the Society for Heritage, Community and the Environment (SPCMA)
SPCMA, our Cuban sponsor.
More thanks go to ...
Jessica (left) for escaping a Montreal winter to help out in Havana.

and to ...
Pauline and Gilbert (man in red) of Redtail Vineyard
for helping haul supplies for the Spanky Project's work in Havana.
We were done by 2:00 pm.
My thanks go to you all.

27 Cat 56 Dogs
A record breaking day!

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