Monday, June 7, 2010

Major Steps in Old Havana

As was mentioned in Susana’s wonderful write up we had a meeting at the offices of
Sociedad Patrimonio Comunidad y Medio Ambiente (SPCMA).

SPCMA is a Cuban not for profit organization that concerns itself with “the preservation, rehabilitation, management ,development and promotion of the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of the City of Havana, and in the community and environmental issues that affect the City.”

The Spanky Project found itself here as a result of two efforts.
In planning my dates for this trip pencil pondering turn to penned permanence when I was asked by Amapro Lopez to attend the 5th Mass Deparasitation of Pets. Amparo is the coordinator of Group Dulce Maria Loynaz. Spanky Project supporter Susan Crawford has generously been making donations including a large supply of Ivomec. A 1000 ml donation as a matter of fact. This donation prompted SPMCA to hold a mass event on June 7th.

The second opportunity taken was to discuss setting up a Cat Café in Havana. This is a project Susana and I have been promoting for some time. If you are not aware of the concept you will hear much more soon.

We were warmly greeted by Ana Lourdes Soto Pérez -Directora Ejecutiva and Ulice Acosta Llanes - Especialista Cooperación Internacional at their offices in La Habana Vieja.

After introductions it was down to work. The level of professionalism exhibited by the whole SPMCA team is tremendous. Concerns I had expressed pre-trip, about the June 7th event were not only immediately addressed by email but addressed again in this meeting. This is a group one can collaborate with. Once we dispensed with present projects we turned to future efforts.

I presented Ana and Ulice with a Cat Café brochure which Susana and I had put together.
They immediately embraced the concept and designated a spot for the first Cat Café in Cuba. Stay tuned for more details.

Another matter that was brought up was our project development at Museo Hemingway.
Susana’s excellent senses led us to ask for their support of the project and organizational backing. Ana truly appreciated the project concept but regrettably could not give full backing. She did offer support in making the Veterinary Clinic in Vieja available to assist.
Most importantly she offered SPMCA office as a conduit through which we can be granted permission for entering Cuba with donated medical supplies.

This has been one great meeting...... BUT WAIT !!

The Spanky Project offered to collaborate on a 100 dog / cat mass sterilization event in La Habana Vieja. The offer was accepted immediately accepted in principal and a letter of cooperation and understanding will be drawn up shortly.
This effort will also include some international veterinary cooperation

And this was only day two.........

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