Saturday, June 12, 2010

Clinic Visit

This was drop off day.

It may be Saturday but there is work to be done.
Every trip I haul as many supplies as I can carry. Flying Cubana Airline, with it’s generous weight allowance, out of Toronto is my ideal.

As I pointed out in previous blog posts. All donations are received and documented by my Cuban counterparts upon arrival. When they are distributed they are listed and signed for by representative of the clinic or group receiving them.
My friend Justo not only translates for me but hauls the occasional box when I need to take a photo.

This location, known as José Luis Callejas to the locals, provides the
only 24 hour clinical service
in the city.

Amparo and I are greeted by the Director and Clinic Manager.

Education is a growing part of Cuban Veterinary care. Everywhere in the clinic there are posters
with various messages.

Supplies and equipment at the Veterinary clinics in Cuba are limited.
This is the main Havana Clinic and a wide variety of service are provide ....

....including Havana's lone X-ray and ultrasound equipment for veterinary care.

As with all delivered donations the supplies are signed for upon receipt.

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